Hi! I am a native of Nepal, a diverse and beautiful country in the South-Asia, which offers the Mount Everest, the birth place of Gautam Buddha, pilgrims for the trekkers and what not. Grown-up amid the national crisis of power-cut, I am thus a circumstanced astronomer.

I received Bachelor's and Master's degree in Theoretical Physics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I did Master's thesis with Prof. Binil Aryal on the extragalactic astronomy, for which I was funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal. Later, I did my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn and Prof. Geraint F. Lewis from The University of Sydney. There, I was funded by the University of Sydney International Scholarship. Post PhD, I am working in International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research at the University of Western Australia, Perth. Here, I am funded by Australia Research Council Discover Project grant and work with Prof. Simon Driver and Prof. Aaron Robotham.

In the Galactic front: our own the Milky-Way galaxy consists of stuffs those are visible like moons, planets, stars etc to name few. As a surprise to many, a significant contributor of the Galaxy is invisible, we call it Dark Matter. The existence of the Dark Matter is known through its gravitational influence on the stars those dwell in the outer region of the Galaxy. These stars form a tenous envelope that surround the Galaxy, called the Stellar Halo. In my PhD I studied position and motion of halo stars to provide insight into this least-known type of matter, Dark Matter. Knowing Dark Matter is also important to understand more complex issues such as how the spiral galaxies like ours form and evolve.

In the Extra-galactic front: currently, I am serving the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) team. Here, my main research interest is to study galaxy clusters, groups and mergers. Also, I hunt for MW-M31 like system in GAMA data to uncover how unique our galaxy is.

I am a team member of two major endeavours of Australian optical astronomy community, i.e., GALactic Archaeology with HERMES (GALAH) and Galaxy and Mass Assembly(GAMA) surveys.

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