Aaargggh!!! Its finally here!

Welcome to the grand opening of the official Complex Plasma Laboratory (CPL) website. After months of labor-intensive website planning and designing, we have finally constructed this website that is sure to blow your mind.

CPL is one of the leading plasma research groups in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney here in Australia. We have been involved in the research of complex plasma at the CPL for approximately three years. Our research are related to a variety of topics currently popular in the studies of complex plasma.

Our CPL website is dedicated in providing valuable and up to date information for the field of complex plasma (otherwise known as dusty plasma or colloidal plasma) gathered from all over the world which will be accessible to the general public. So your support in our work is very much needed. We would be more than happy to present any news on this website if submitted to us, provided that the they are of interest to our complex plasma community. Please email your questions and information to our web administrator. You can also email us if you want us to add a link here to your website in the links section.

If this is your first time to visit our website, please bookmark our webpage for easy access and visit us on regular interval as news will be updated regularly. If you are new to the topic of complex plasma, please read through our introduction section to get some basic understanding. If you are familiar with the idea of complex plasma but is new to CPL, please feel free to scan through our people, and 3D tour section.

Moreover, visit our downloads section to obtain wallpapers, posters, presentations and papers. Although our discussion forum is still in the making, I promise you that they will be up in the very near future because they are vital in strengthening our communication. So please be patient with us.

Felix Cheung


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