End of Year Christmas Party

Merry Christmas! Complex Plasma Laboratory staff will be on holiday during christmas all the way till the beginning of January. Before this time, the School of Physics held an "End of Year" party at the Women's College at the University of Sydney. Brian James, who is now the Head of School, gave a speech to farewell some of the staff including our staff Neil Cramer. The party lasted for 2 and a half hour.

Fig.1 - (From the left) Kostya Ostrikov, Sergey Vladimirov, Alex Samarian, and John Piggott were enjoying their avocado and cucumber sandwiches over beer.

Fig.2 - Cheers to everyone!

Fig.3 - It was a big party. Everyone from the School of Physics attended

Fig.4 - And I mean everyone....

Fig.5 - Our technical support staff, John Piggott and Phil Denniss.

Fig.6 - Neil Cramer will be retiring at this year, while enjoying life with his wife. CPL staff wish them both the very best

Felix Cheung



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