Updates to Fusion in St. Petersburg

One of our chief investigator, Dr. Alex Samarian will be giving a presentation at the EPS conference held in St. Petersburg during 7th-11th of July. We will be providing you with the latest updates from the EPS as it happens.

For the official EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics Website, click here.
For complex plasma related papers from the conference, click here.

The conference continues the series of the European Physical Society (EPS) conferences on plasma physics and fusion research. Despite the emphasis of fusion research in the conference this year, the complex plasma section has been progressing. More than fifty people took part in it. Both theoretical and experimental results were presented and discussed.

Two of our principal investigators, Dr. Vladimirov and Dr. Samarian, reported their recently obtained results. Instabilities and forces acting on dust particle in complex plasma were the main topics of discussion. One of our presentation - "Effect of supra thermal electrons on dust particle charge in RF sheath" raised interest and created productive discussions.

In the news, the growing importance of complex plasma research was stressed by the awarded academician, Vladimir Fortov, in the Hannes Alfven Prize 2003 of the European Physical Society for outstanding contributions to plasma physics.V. Fortov have been awarded for his seminal contributions in the area of nonideal plasmas and strongly coupled Coulomb systems.

Social events including welcoming reception, dinners in the palaces, boat trips, museum excursion and "marshrutka" trips were particularly nice. And the events gave the participants a true experience of St. Petersburg as one of the most beautiful city in Russia.

Felix Cheung



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