Scientific Computing Support Service

The scientific computing support service facilitates research and teaching within the School by providing advice and support for scientific related computing, software and data processing issues. This includes advice on programming techniques, such as coding, parallel computation, numerical analysis, and graphic user interfaces, and support for scientific data handling, such as data processing, analysis, visualization and management. The service also helps the School of Physics to identify, examine, build and maintain some application systems required by research and teaching programs. For example, the service will provide the tools to build, access and maintain scientific data repositories and repositories of shared scientific source code and software. Specifically, the service covers issues in the following areas,

Scientific/system programming

·         Coding (fortran90/c/c++) / Code optimization and parallelization (MPI/OpenMP)

·         Script programming for implementation of large scale simulation and for Graphic User Interface

·         Software/application systems installation/configuration in collabration with other IT staff

·         Building/trouble-shooting/bug-fixing/improvement/maintenance of the application systems used in the school

Analysis and management of scientific/teaching data

·         Data processing and format conversion

·         Data analysis and visualization using licensed packages such as IDL and Matlab

·         Database development and scientific data management

·         Web interface development for data transfer and scientific data access

Contact details

Xue (Sue) Yang

Room 459B (Annex)

Phone: 9351 6081