The Condensed Matter Theory (CMT) Group is a part of the School of Physics of the University of Sydney, Australia. Our group's focus is on ab initio investigations of materials and surface science phenomena. First-principles electronic structure calculations are used in conjunction with high performance computing to probe chemical reactions at interfaces and explore the energetics, atomic, electronic, and magnetic properties of polyatomic systems.

The processes that occur at surfaces play a critical role in the manufacture and performance of advanced materials (electronic, magnetic and optical devices, sensors, catalysts and hard coatings). The research methods developed and knowledge gained will have applications in a range of physical, chemical, biological, medical engineering and material science problems.

Our goal is to acquire a detailed understanding of the fundamental science to engineer and design complex materials; for example, catalysts with greater selectivity and efficiency, and new electronic devices.


Professor Catherine Stampfl was appointed in 2003 to an ARC Federation Fellow at the School of Physics.

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