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FM.jpeg Oct 2019: Dr Frank Meier, postdoc on the Belle II experiment, has moved to a postdoc position at Duke University, still working on the Belle II experiment.
JW.jpeg July 2018: Dr Jin Wang, postdoc on the ATLAS experiment, has moved to a tenure-track position at IHEP Beijing working on the CMS experiment. He will be based at CERN for the next several years.
MSch.jpeg June 2018: We congratulate Dr Michael Schmidt, who has moved to a faculty position at the University of New South Wales. Michael joined the group in July 2014 and has been a great contributor to the School of Physics and a valued particle physics colleague.
MW.jpeg June 2015: We were sorry to note the passing of our colleague A/Prof Murray Winn, an experimentalist from the earliest days of our group in the 1950's, who taught many of us, and remained active in physics until the end. Murray was also a long-serving tutor in the Third Year Laboratory in the School of Physics, and even after his retirement in the 1990's, an entire generation of students benefited from his experience there. An era — in cosmic rays, in physics, and in the School — is coming to a close.