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PhD projects

PhD projects are generally best tailored close to the time of commencement, since in the case of experimental projects, we then have an idea of the state of the experiment, what current commitments we have, the current interests and strengths of the student, and so on. Nevertheless, we generally list here a handful of example projects, noting that the best thing to do is to approach members of the group to discuss possibilities.

At present we are in the process of updating our lists of projects. One can also search here, by drilling down to Science and then Physics.

4th Year Projects

We will be offering 4th Year Projects in 2019. Information will be available in the honours handbook but these pages provide the most up-to-date information, as we may update this web-page with changes or additions to the list of projects whereas the list in the honours handbook is fixed. The best thing to do is talk to members of our group if you are interested in finding out more about honours projects.

We also maintain a list of projects offered in recent years.

3rd Year Special Projects

Click here for information on 3rd year special projects on offer. For more information contact the person/people listed with a particular project, or talk to any members of our group.