Coogee'08 - Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop

21-23 January 2008

Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee, Sydney

The workshop aims to bring together researchers and students in the Australian quantum information theory community, along with several international visitors, to interact and start some new collaborations.

The theme will broadly be 'quantum theory', mainly quantum information theory but also quantum many-body physics, quantum gravity, and foundations of quantum physics. The intention is mainly to get a number of the relevant Australian researchers and research students in the same place at the same time, and to discuss what's new. There will be a limited number of invited speakers, with the aim of presenting new results (or even new research directions without results yet!) and lots of time to discuss.

International Participants:

    • Robin Blume-Kohout (Perimeter Institute)
    • David Poulin (Caltech)
    • Terry Rudolph (Imperial College)
    • Rob Spekkens (Cambridge)
    • Ben Toner (CWI Amsterdam)
    • Peter Turner (Calgary/Tokyo)


Please email by TUESDAY 18 DECEMBER 2007 if you wish to participate.


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Talk titles and abstracts:

It's a surprise.


Coogee is one of Sydney's inner-city beach suburbs. Attendees should fly to Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport. It is only a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport to Coogee. Alternatively, public transport is easy: use to plan your trip.


Coogee offers a wide variety of accommodation, from high-end to budget, to suit any need.
    Hotels (high-end):
    • Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach
    • Medina Executive Coogee
    • Coogee Sands Hotel & Apartments
    (Note: these hotels can be booked on up to 4 weeks in advance, or of course can be booked directly anytime.)

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The PIAF Workshop in Quantum Foundations will be held 1-4 February, shortly after Coogee'08.

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