From Cores To Disks (C2D)

What is C2D?

A large survey, primarily using the Mopra radio telescope in collaboration with Tyler Bourke and Phil Myers of Harvard University and others (cf. ), is part of the Spitzer Space Telescope Legacy Program ‘C2D - From Cores to Disks’. This project is similarly compiling detailed and uniform data on low-mass star forming clouds in our local Galactic neighbourhood.

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Mopra moment-0 contours overlaid on Spitzer images, for CG30 (top) and DC297 (bottom). For both, the Spitzer image is the 4.5 micron channel, where the emission that is not stellar is dominated by rotational H2 , and in both cases it is tracing shocked outflow emission. Contours on the left panels are CS, on the right are N2H+. The 36 arcsec Mopra beam is shown for scale. CS seems to have an outflow and a core component in each case (clearest in the red (N) lobe of DC297). N2H+ is more compact and tracing the densest part of the core. For CG30, complementary ATCA observations (C1310) show that the 2 protostars (20" separation NS) each have an N2H+ peak.