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First Announcement

Dear colleague,

The University of Sydney will be hosting a two-day science workshop at Molonglo Observatory (just outside of Canberra) over 16-17 September 2009, on:


The goal of this workshop is to discuss and develop science plans for the Square Kilometre Array Molonglo Prototype (SKAMP), which will begin new wide-field surveys of the sky later this year. Over the last few years, the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) has been transforming into SKAMP, via the addition of new low-noise amplifiers, digital filterbanks and an FX correlator. These upgrades will provide a tenfold improvement in sensitivity over MOST, and will provide full spectroscopic capability over a 50 MHz bandwidth centred at 843 MHz. Further information on SKAMP is available at .

The workshop will include sessions on SKAMP instrumentation, HI absorption surveys, radio transients, OH megamasers, low-surface- brightness radio sources, synergies with other new facilities (e.g., MWA, ASKAP, SkyMapper), and a tour of SKAMP itself. Registration and the opportunity to submit contributed talks are now available at .

Invited speakers (all confirmed) include:

  • Matthew Bailes (Swinburne U)
  • Geoff Bower (UC Berkeley, USA)
  • Frank Briggs (ANU)
  • Jeremy Darling (U Colorado, USA)
  • Stefan Keller (ANU)
  • Ravi Subrahmanyan (RRI, India)
  • Rachel Webster (U Melbourne)

Local/Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Duncan Campbell-Wilson (U Sydney)
  • Joanne Daniels (U Sydney)
  • Bryan Gaensler (U Sydney, chair)
  • Anne Green (U Sydney)
  • Debra Gooley (U Sydney)
  • Tara Murphy (U Sydney)
  • Elaine Sadler (U Sydney)

Essential information:

  • Workshop WWW site :
  • Dates : 16-17 Sep 2009
  • Venue : Molonglo Observatory
  • Registration : Deadline is 1 Sep 2009 (registration is free)
  • Abstracts : Deadline is last week of Aug 2009
  • Accommodation : Queensgate Motel, Queanbeyan; book by 30 Jun 2009 (see WWW site for details)
  • Further info : Debra Gooley ,

We hope that you can join us at Molonglo in September.

best wishes,

Bryan Gaensler, Chair LOC/SOC

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