Local Information

Booking meeting rooms at Rosehill Street

Here are a few guideline for booking the meeting rooms at Rosehill Street, namely the Boardroom (downstairs, equipped with CAASTRO's video conferencing system) and the Seminar Room (upstairs). Those needing video conferencing are encouraged to book the Boardroom well in advance whenever feasible. When two groups need the Boardroom at the same time but only one needs video conferencing, that group has priority, regardless of who booked first. If neither group needs video conferencing then priority goes to one-off all-day meetings, over regular (weekly or monthly) 1-2 hour meetings. In other cases, hopefully we can deal with them in a collegial manner, and we ask for understanding and flexibility.

Seminar Room

Bookings have been set up as a Google calendar called SIfA Bookings Calendar. Please contact Peter Tuthill to make a booking. Those who need this frequently will be given access to edit the calendar themselves.

The Boardroom

Bookings can be viewed on the School of Physics booking calendar. Bookings can be requested through the Physics Web Help Desk.