Molonglo Calibrator Database

The Molonglo Calibrator Database contains light curves for all 55 sources used for calibration of the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST), for the time period 1984 to 1996. Data available here include a table of binned flux density vs time for each source, light curves curves for all sources and structure functions for variable sources. For full details, refer to the papers Variable radio sources at 843 MHz (Campbell-Wilson & Hunstead, PASA, 11, 33, 1994) and Long-term monitoring of Molonglo calibrators (Gaensler & Hunstead, PASA, 17, 72, 2000).

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If you use any of this data in your catalogue, please cite:

    B.M. Gaensler & R.W. Hunstead, Publ Astron Soc Aust, 17, 72 (2000)

and include the acknowledgement:

      ``The MOST is operated by the University of Sydney
      with support from the Australian Research Council 
      and the Science Foundation for Physics within the 
      University of Sydney.''

For all queries regarding this catalogue, please contact Bryan Gaensler.