Archive of SKAMP Project Updates - Prior to 2008

2007 Update

Astronomical images are now being produced from SKAMP I, the continuum correlator (see First 12-hour image!,) and the analysis of these is proving invaluable in understanding subtle second order effects relating to the cylindrical parabolic reflector and making effective use of the large number of redundant baselines available.

In mid 2006 the SKAMP team contracted Domain-42 Pty. Ltd., two digital designers in Tasmania, to assist with the design of the spectral line correlator (SKAMP II). They have made rapid progress and designs and layouts for the two FPGA boards are being finalised. This pioneering design work has been boosted by a donation of over $30,000 worth of chips from the company Xilinx.

The 415V switch board and power distribution wiring at the Molonglo Observatory have been replaced and rewired so that there is sufficient power available for the new correlator. Good progress has also been made in designing a new wideband receiver and digitiser required for SKAMP II. This work has to be compatible with the existing feed as well as with the new wideband line feed which will be installed for SKAMP III.

Work has also continued with Argus Technology, who have supported and funded a PhD student to develop the dual polarised line feed required for SKAMP III.

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