The Molonglo SKA Prototype (SKAMP)

Working Documents




Design Concept White Papers:

Powerpoint files from Oral Presentations:

  1. The SKA Molonglo Prototype (SKAMP)Project - Overview, (4.5 MB), Anne Green
  2. SKAMP II-III Instrumentation Front End, (569 KB) Duncan Campbell-Wilson & Darshan Thakkar
  3. SKAMP Correlator, (694 KB), John Bunton
  4. SKAMP Data Pipeline Software, (1.6 MB), Mike Birchall
  5. Exploring the Transient and Variable Sky with SKAMP, (2.4MB), Tara Murphy

Poster Presentations:

  • Poster presentation for WARS 2010, Canberra, February 2010:
  1. SKAMP: Re-engineering the Molonglo Radio Telescope (jpg 2.35MB), D. Campbell-Wilson "et. al."

  • Poster presentation from Workshop on Applications of Radio Science, Hobart, Tasmania, February 2004:
  1. SKAMP - The Molonglo SKA Demonstrator (pdf 229KB), M.J. Kesteven et. al.

  • Poster presentations for International SKA Workshop, Geraldton, Western Australia, July 2003:
  1. The SKA Molonglo Prototype Correlator (pdf 125KB), T.J. Adams et. al.
  2. SKAMP - the Molonglo SKA Demonstrator (pdf 179KB), M.J. Kesteven et. al.
  3. Comparison of SKA Survey Speeds (pdf 172KB), J.D. Bunton
  4. Cost Comparison of SKA Antenna Stations (pdf 192KB), J.D. Bunton
  5. Panorama of the Universe: Daily all-sky surveys with SKA (pdf 191KB), J.D. Bunton

  • Poster Presentation for IAU General Assembly, Sydney, July 2003:
  1. The SKAMP Project (pdf 361KB), A.J. Green et. al.

  1. Prototype SKA Technologies at Molonglo: 1. Overview and Science Goals (pdf file 1.4MB), A.J. Green et. al.
  2. Prototype SKA Technologies: 2. Antenna and Front End (pdf file .7MB), G.B. Warr et. al.
  3. Prototype SKA Technologies at Molonglo: 3. Beamformer and Correlator (pdf file .6MB), J.D. Bunton
  4. Handout (contains posters for printing on double-sided A4 page, without background picture), (pdf file 1.1MB)