The Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey

A wide-field radio imaging survey of the southern sky at 843 MHz.

The Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS)
is dedicated to our friend and colleague Dr. Michael Large,
whose expertise and vision made the project possible.

The survey was completed in 2007, and now covers the whole sky
south of declination -30 degrees with |b| > 10 degrees.
The Galactic Plane region |b| < 10 degrees is covered by MGPS-2.

Data Products

The main SUMSS data products are a catalogue of the radio sky at 843 MHz, and a set of 4x4-degree FITS images on a grid which matches and extends that used by the northern NVSS. SUMSS and NVSS have similar sensitivity and resolution, and together cover the whole sky.

SUMSS Catalogue News

Latest information about he SUMSS Catalogue can be found in the SUMSS Catalogue News.

Survey references

A full description of the survey and data catalogue is given in the following two papers:


The Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) is located near Canberra, Australia, and is operated by the University of Sydney.


Science Papers from SUMSS

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