Students in the SUSI Group

Nathaniel Butterworth
4th Year Undergraduate, Honours - M. Ireland
Working on optical long baseline interferometry with PAVO at CHARA,focusing on astrometry with binary stars.
Currently finalising an honours thesis on the Pleiades star cluster.

Tom Evans
PhD - M. Ireland
Searching for faint companions, such as Jupiter-sized planets and brown dwarfs, around young intermediate mass stars using aperture masking interferometric data taken with the Keck and VLT telescopes.

Daniel Huber
PhD - M. Ireland
I'm using PAVO@CHARA to measure angular diameters of high-priority asteroseismology/exoplanet host stars (follow-up observations to the space missions CoRoT and Kepler) and to determine the effective temperature scale of ultra metal-poor stars.

Paul Stewart
Third Year Undergraduate - P. Tuthill
Working in aperture masking with Nirc2 (faint companion searching), Conica (imaging and polarimetry modelling) and Suburu.