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Science with SKAMP

Widefield Spectroscopy of the Southern Radio Sky

When: 16th - 17th September 2009 (1.5 days)
Where: Molonglo Observatory

The University of Sydney will be hosting a science workshop at Molonglo Observatory (just outside of Canberra) in September 2009, on "Science with SKAMP: Widefield Spectroscopy of the Southern Radio Sky".

The goal of this workshop is to discuss and develop science plans for the Square Kilometre Array Molonglo Prototype (SKAMP), which will begin new wide-field surveys of the sky later this year. Over the last few years, the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) has been transforming into SKAMP, via the addition of new low-noise amplifiers, digital filterbanks and an FX correlator. These upgrades will provide a tenfold improvement in sensitivity over MOST, and will provide full spectroscopic capability over a 50 MHz bandwidth centred at 843 MHz. Specifications and further information on SKAMP is available here.

Confirmed guest speakers include:
Professor Matthew Bailes, Swinburne U
Professor Geoff Bower, UC Berkeley, USA
Professor Frank Briggs, ANU
Professor Jeremy Darling, U Colorado, USA
Dr Stefan Keller, ANU
Professor Rachel Webster, U Melbourne


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