In 2009 the ASA is supporting a new improved version of the Aus-VO Summer School, the Astroinformatics School.

Computational techniques are becoming increasingly important in astronomy. Being familiar with a few central IT skills can greatly enhance your scientific research.

For this Astroinformatics School we have put together a broad program of lectures and tutorials to serve as an introduction to a selection of common tools. These span scripting and programming, database construction and data-mining, as well as techniques for developing webservices and interacting with and developing virtual observatory tools to do science.

The intended audience is postgraduate students and other interested astronomers. Students starting honours in astronomy and also welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to develop or update your IT skills!

The School will consist of lectures and practical exercises delivered by astronomers and software engineers. Participants should bring their own laptop to work on. Windows, Mac OS and Linux will be supported, and the relevant software will be provided for download beforehand.

This year there will be a special session on the ATNF Spectral Analysis Package (ASAP)

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