The Astroinformatics School is jointly hosted by the School of Physics and the School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney.

The lectures and tutorials will be held in Lecture Theatre 123 in the new School of IT building.

Travel Support

This year the Astroinformatics School is supported by the ASA. As such we will be able to offer some form of travel support for student ASA members from outside Sydney.

You should go ahead a book your travel, keeping receipts, and you can then claim reimbursement when you attend the workshop. You can claim up to the following amounts (scaled with cost of typical airfares from the major cities)

  • WA, Tasmania, NZ -- $500
  • SA -- $400
  • Vic, Qld -- $300
  • ACT -- $200
  • NSW (not Sydney) -- $200

Please contact us if you would like to claim travel support.


This website has some information about parking in and around the University of Sydney.


On Thursday evening we will be having dinner at Chedi restaurant in Newtown (about 15 minutes walk from the School of IT building). The restaurant website is http://www.chedi.com.au/ if you want to check out the menu.

Click here for directions.