List of Registered people in Workshop:

ACAMAR Workshop 2016
Perth WA
Tuesday, 05, April, 2016 : Thursday, 07, April, 2016

Name Institution Country
Dr. Di Li National Astronomical Observatories of China Australia
Dr. Xuefeng Wu Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith ICRAR, UWA Australia
Ms. Kylie Williams University of Sydney, CAASTRO Australia
Prof. Andreas Wicenec ICRAR Australia
Prof. Peter Quinn ICRAR Australia
Prof. Jeremy Mould Swinburne University Australia
Dr. Chen Wu ICRAR/UWA Australia
Ms. Yeshe Fenner Australia
Mr. Chengyuan Li Macquarie University Australia
Ms. Kate Gunn University of Sydney, CAASTRO Australia
Prof. Elaine Sadler CAASTRO Australia
Mr. Qingxiang Chen Australia
Prof. David Coward University of Western Australia Australia
Dr. Weiguang Cui ICRAR, UWA Australia
Prof. Carole Jackson ICRAR Curtin University Australia
Prof. Xu Kong Department of Astronomy, USTC China
Prof. Xuelei Chen National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Dr. Tyler Bourke SKA Observatory United Kingdom
Prof. Michael Burton UNSW Australia
Dr. Jing Wang CSIRO/ATNF (CASS) Australia
Dr. George Heald CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Australia
Dr. Laura Wolz Australia
Prof. Naomi McClure-Griffiths Australian National University Australia
Mr. Liu Boyang Australia
Dr. Attila Popping ICRAR / UWA Australia
Dr. Martin Meyer ICRAR/UWA Australia
Dr. Shi Dai CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Australia
Dr. Nick Seymour ICRAR/Curtin University Australia
Dr. Luca Cortese Australia
Dr. Barbara Catinella ICRAR/UWA Australia
Dr. Emil Lenc CAASTRO/SiFA University of Sydney Australia
Dr. Ryan Shannon Curtin University and CSIRO Australia
Dr. Hansik Kim University of Melbourne Australia
Dr. Mingmin Chi Fudan University China
Prof. Hui Zhang Nanjing University China
Dr. Jon Lawrence Australian Astronomical Observatory Australia
Dr. Zhengyang Li Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology China
Ms. Xiangyan Yuan China
Prof. Xiangqun Cui China
Dr. Ramesh Bhat ICRAR, Curtin University Australia
Prof. Ji Yang Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS China
Dr. Renu Sharma ICRAR Australia
Dr. Bo Qin NAOC China
Prof. Li Ju Physics, UWA Australia
Dr. Zhihui Du Tsinghua University China
Prof. David Blair UWA Australia
Dr. Sarah White ICRAR/Curtin University Australia
Dr. Minh Huynh ICRAR / UWA Australia
Prof. Michael Ashley University of New South Wales Australia
Dr. Paul Hancock Curtin University Australia
Dr. Jessica Chapman CSIRO Australia
Dr. Randall Wayth Curtin University / ICRAR Australia
Prof. Junwei Cao Tsinghua University United States
Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith CSIRO Australia
Dr. Jessica Zheng Australian Astronomical Observatory Australia
Dr. Philip Dorocke Australia
Dr. John Zic CSIRO Australia
Prof. Ron Ekers CSIRO Australia
Dr. Jonghwan Rhee ICRAR/UWA Australia
Dr. Philip Dorocke Australia
Dr. Charlotte Sobey Curtin University & CSIRO Australia
Ms. Giovanna Zanardo ICRAR Australia
Prof. Lifan Wang Purple Mtn Obs/Texas A&M Australia

65 person(s) in total.