SUSI suspicious calibrators

A list of calibrators that are suspicious...

    HR#      NAME                       REASON
    ---      ----                       ------
  HR4621   delta Cen       Suspicious data early 2003. Either the system was really
                            stuffed or this is another binary [MJI]

  HR4638   rho Cen         Binary? [JRN]

  HR4773   gamma Mus	   Binary? [JRN]

  HR4798   alpha Mus       Almost certain (non-literature) binary [MJI]

  HR6508   ups Sco         appears to be a reason for some poor data (eg. 40m on 
                            lambda Sco in 2003) and has variable radial velocity 
                            (ie prob a binary with an orbit of several years).[MJI]

Andrew Jacob
Last modified: Wed Jun 2 15:59:12 EST 2004