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Stochastic Wave Growth

Waves observed in a variety of situations in laboratory and space plasmas, and astrophysics are invariably bursty, wave fields rapidly fluctuating by orders of magnitudes that encode the underlying physics.

The clumpiness of the plasma waves is inconsistent with the standard plasma theory, and is one of longstanding problems in space physics.

A theory called Stochastic Growth Theory (SGT) has been developed by members of the Space Physics Group.

In SGT, randomness in plasma properties (density, temperature, etc) perturbs marginal stability state of the system and lead to random wave growth.

SGT has been proved successful in solar radio bursts, Earth's foreshock, outer heliospheric radio emissions, pulsars, and laboratory plasma.

Current Research Areas

  1. SGT applications
  2. SGT simulation
  3. Type III solar radio emissions


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