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The Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) Group was founded in 1992 to undertake physics education research (PER) in the School of Physics.

We are a group of physicists with common interests in the issues of teaching and student learning, offering staff and students high-quality teaching and learning opportunities and researching the complex ways in which people go about understanding physics.

SUPER has an extensive and expanding research program and are always looking for new ideas, students and collaborations.



Selected Publications


¨ Derek Muller has completed his PhD and will be graduating in October 2008. His papers and thesis are listed under "selected publications".

¨ Christine Lindstrom has completed her Honours with flying colours, winning the best Physics thesis prize and a university medal! She has collected data for her PhD on 3-D concept maps for learning first year physics and is using a range of techniques for interpreting the data.

¨ Apisit Tongchai, a PhD student from Mahidol University, Thailand has just had a paper on student conceptions of wave phenomena accepted in the International Journal of Science Education.

¨ Two Turkish students are working with SUPER. M. Sait Gokalp is working on Web Quests and Nurgul Duzenli-Gokalp on the learning of fractions.

¨ We have produced Australian Multimedia for Physics students (AMPS), check out

¨ The ALTC project is in progress.


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