AUTC Physics Project

A project was commissioned in 2003 by the Australian Universities Teaching Commission (AUTC) titled Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development in Physics.

Its aims were to evaluate a wide range of teaching practice and innovation in tertiary physics nationwide, including teaching in multidisciplinary contexts, use of technologies, responsiveness to changing student background and expectations, employer satisfaction, and the contribution to the training of secondary physics teachers.


Stage 1 of the project was completed in 2004. A report detailing the findings has been produced and published. The executive summary can be viewed here and the complete report is here. If you would like to receive a hard copy please contact the Project Officer (click on Enquiries on the left-hand menu).


Stage 2 involved effective dissemination. A 1-day workshop took place on Wednesday 28th September at the University of Sydney. It was held in conjunction with the 2005 UniServe Science Conference (28-30 Sept), and proved to be very successful, with 45 delegates representing 23 institutions participating. For a full listing of delegates, their institutions and the presenters' PowerPoints please click here. The program for the day can be found here.


Project team members

Physics by institution