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Theoretical Physics Research Group

Curiosity about the world and a commitment to solving problems - these are the passions that drive the theoretical physics group in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. The aim of the group is to carry out internationally competitive research in theoretical physics. The group's research emphasizes fundamental processes in astrophysics and covers topics in solar physics, pulsars, and scintillation.

Other research groups in the School of Physics also do research in theoretical physics, including the Biophysics, Brain Dynamics, Complex Systems, Condensed Matter Theory, CUDOS, Quantum Information Theory, and Space and Solar Physics groups. The name of the group is not intended to be exclusive! The Theoretical Physics group is associated with the Institute of Astronomy.

Friday Group meetings

The group meets on Friday mornings at 10 am, in Don Melrose's office. Members of other research groups in the School please feel free to attend. E-mail notices for the meetings are organised by Mohammad Rafat - contact Mohammad if you would like to be on the list.

Meeting schedule for 2010
Meeting schedule during 2009

Current personnel

Mushtaq Ahmad
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dave Galloway
Senior Lecturer
Stuart Gilchrist
Postgraduate student
Adam Keane
Honours student
Qinghuan Luo
Senior Research Fellow
Don Melrose
Professor of Physics (Theoretical)
Pat Noble
Postgraduate Student
Alix Nulsen
Postgraduate Student
Mohammad Rafat
Postgraduate Student
Matthew Verdon
Postgraduate Student
Natasa Vranisevic
Postgraduate Student
Jeanette Weise
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mike Wheatland
Associate Professor
Ray Yuen
Postgraduate student

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