Staff and Student List

This is a list of the members of the Department of Theoretical Physics. You can also contact them through the University's Phonebook service.

This is a user-maintained list, so while it may be up-to-date for some individuals, it is not necessarily complete or consistent.

Head, Department of Theoretical Physics

Professor D. Melrose, BSc(Hons) Tas., D.Phil. Oxon.


R. C. McPhedran, BSc PhD Tas.

P. A. Robinson , BSc(Hons) PhD Syd.

Associate Professor

R. G. Hewitt,


C. M. De Sterke, B.Eng. M.Eng. Delft, PhD Rochester

Senior Lecturer

N. F. Cramer, BSc PhD Syd.

ARC Senior Research Fellows

I. H. Cairns, BSc(Hons) PhD Syd.

S. Vladimirov, PhD Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, DSc Russian Academy of Science

Senior Research Fellows

J. Nicholls

M. Walker


QE II Research Fellows



ARC Research Fellows

K. Wu

Research Fellow

M. Storey

U2000 Fellows

M. S. Wheatland, BSc(Hons) PhD Syd.

A. J. Willes

Honorary Associate

J. K. Lowry

Post-Doctoral Fellows

A. Asatryan,

V. Dwarkadas, B.Tech IIT(Bombay), MA PhD Virg.

B. Li

A. Mioduszewski

N-A. Nicorovici,

E. Rowe

E. N. Tsoy

J. Weise

Postgraduate Students

M. Breakspear

J. Cullen

P. Drysdale

S. Edney

J-P. Macquart

C. Rennie


C. J. Saxton

M. Van Noort

J. Yardley

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