Curiosity about the world and a commitment to solving problems - these are the passions that drive the theoretical physics group at the University of Sydney.

The aim of the group is to carry out internationally competitive research in theoretical physics. There are two main emphases: plasma physics, including applications to astrophysics, space physics and laboratory experiments; and electromagnetic theory and photonics, including wave theory, and linear, nonlinear and guided optics. Other interests include quantum optics, quantum electrodynamics, statistical physics and biophysics.

The members of the Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics (RCFTA) and the Center for Wave Physics are part of the Theoretical Physics group. The RCFTA undertakes research in theoretical astrophysics with special emphasis on the fundamental physics of stars and on the physics of non-thermal phenomena. The aims of the Center for Wave Physics are to integrate expertise in the various components of wave science to generate new insights into fundamental wave science across disciplines.

Associated groups include the Optical Fibre Technology Centre, the Photonics CRC and the VisLab computer visualization centre.


People in Theoretical Physics

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Center for Wave Physics

Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics

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