The Phoenix Deep Survey

A. Hopkins1, A. Georgakakis2, J. Afonso3, B. Chan1, L. Cram1, B. Mobasher4, M. Sullivan5

  1. University of Sydney
  2. Imperial College, London
  3. Observatorio Astronomico de Lisboa
  4. Space Telescope Science Institute
  5. University of Toronto

Click here for the main Phoenix Deep Survey pages. This page shows some of the images from the PDS.

The image below is one of three 30'x30' WFI fields, centered on the deepest portion of the 1.4 GHz mosaic. Click on the image to see greater detail.

WFI image 1 (149k)

Here is the same image with radio contours overlayed. Radio contours start at 50 microJy and increase by a factor of 1.5.
WFI image 2 (163k)