Mt Dixon

Finally it cleared so we set out to climb Mt Dixon via its east ridge. On good, hard snow we motored across to the base of the ridge and took another sunrise break (Robb was with us this time). Then followed an hour negotiating the schrund. Eventually we got the shovel out and dug out some huge steps - an effort rewarded with appreciative comments from the next days parties. Dave led most of the way up the fairly straight-forward route to the summit. We had views of Aoraki/Cook and Syme ridge. Dave got the flag out for another shot.

The descent was soft, deep and a bit delicate. I went last! The ice cliffs beside the last steep slope were very active. They carved off a few blocks the size of small buildings! Fortunately we were well to the side and quite safe, but it was great fun watching them while on belay.

We now psyched up for the main goal of our trip.

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