Here is the gear list I use, in case it helps. 
Its been described as "pretty freakin' comprehensive" - sorry about that!.

I don't take everything on every trip of course, but almost everything I ever take
on a mountaineering trip to NZ and on most of my other trips is listed here.

The Word version fits on one A4 sheet (both sides) and is better formatted.
Gear list (online version)
Gear List (Word version)
Sumit says you can hire, in Kathmandu:
 alpine boots (stiff boots that will take crampons properly) for ~US$2/day and
 down jacket plus warm sleeping bag for ~US$7/day.

Kathmandu has good gear shops selling used (and unused) expedition gear. It's possible 
to buy (almost) anything you need in Kathmandu.

There are also some of the world's finest bookshops in Kathmandu for some reason. They 
have the best range of climbing/mountain literature anywhere!

Andrew Jacob
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