A FAQ of sorts

Here are answers to some questions I asked Sumit.

Q1 -What is the name of the trekking company we are dealing with?
A1 The company We will be obtaining our Permit from is called Highland
  Excursion which is the company I used to work for before I came to
  Australia. Some of the guys on our trek will be from that company but
  directly hired by me but we will be using their insurance. I am
  Leading a Trek for an Australian Company Called World Expeditions in

Q2 -Are you runnng the September/October trek for this company?
A2 October trek I am leading is For World Expeditions.

Q3 -Will you be working for the company on our trip or just being a
  participant like me? (I dont mind, just wondering:)
A3 I will neither be working for a company nor a participant. I will
  be working for myself independently for you guys.

Q4 -Could you give me a break down of what the 'facilitation services'
  fee covers? (its a lot higher than I paid for my last trip)
A4 Facilitation charges covers me and whoever else involved in
  organising the trip in kathmandu their time $$. + US$ 100 per peak to
  make a permit as we won't be using their service afterwards. All the
  communication charges in Kathmandu to organise the trip. Staffs
  equipment and medicines.

Q5 -Who is our official group sirdar? We do need one don't we? Will
  that be you or one of the climbing sherpas?
A5 I will be your official group sirdar as I am on NMA (Nepal
  Mountaineering Associations book).

Q6 -Do we need to pay extra for proper gear (clothing, etc) for the
  porters and climbing sherpas? or is that already covered in the base
A6 No you don't need to pay any extra for Poters gear or anything
  while on the trek. Only thing you will be asked to pay if you wish is
  the Tipping at the end.  Which we recomend $3 per trekking day which
  will be divided between the staffs equally at the end.

Q7 -Does the company follow the IPPG guidelines?
A7 Yes the company and me will follow the IPPG guidelines and bit
  more. I am one of the founding member of IPPG and also world
  expedition is one of the biggest doner to their clothing bank. I also
  also donate and volunteer for Porters Progress Group (which is
  american organisation) seems to be bit more active and involved in all
  matters concerning porters rather then just making them look like they
  are warm.

Q8 -Are the ropes listed under group equipment proper climbing ropes
  or static line for fixed ropes?
A8 I have two sets of 9.8 dry treated alpine ropes which we will be
  using as our main rope, and all the static line neccesary. Depending
  on the group size I may have to ask you to bring a coil of rope but it
  could be easily organised in kathmandu.

  To answer your question yes all the ropes are included static as
  well as main rope.

Q9 -What sort of tents are supplied?
A9 It will be free standing dome shaped tent in excelent condition. If
  you are after brand it will me mix of Marmot and Kathmandu.

Q10 -What is included in the medical kit? Is it basic first-aid items
   or more extensive with altitude drugs, etc?
A10 First Aid kit I take to the mountain is what we called Extensive
   Wilderness Kit, which will be designed for large group for a long
   duration of time. which will include very healthy supply of general
   antiseptic medicine for wound care and large veriaty of
   antibiotics(ciprofloxacin, amoxicillin, metronidazole, tinidazole and
   erythromycins.)alttitude medicines ( Diamox, nifedipine(adalat) and

   Plus all the normal once like panadol, ibubrufen,anti diarrhoea +
   nausea, ORS etc..

   It is recomened for the Trekkers to bring thier own little personal
   kit, if they wish.

I hope this will answer most of your questions but yes feel free to
ask more if you have any. It is great that you think we will get
enough people. I really hope it will happen, I think it is good have a
few just doing the walk, it will keep the group balanced, not too
climbing focused.

Andrew Jacob
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