Olivine Snowy Mountains, June 25-26 2005

This is how the snow looked last weekend...a good cover, but icy up high and a bit soft when
things warmed up during the day. It was -15 to -18 degrees on Friday night but drizzled on 
Saturday night! While it was raining everywhere else it was generally clear up there:)
My photos are here. Hope they arent too big!
Photo descriptions are:
1/ Tent near Illawong, looking across the Snowy towards Twynam. 
Saturday morning.

2/ From just south of Spencers Ck. Looking north-east to Guthega dam and beyond. 
Sat morning.

3/ Further up the Snowy, near the junction with the river from Blue Lake. 
Looking ~west. Saturday afternoon.

4/ Looking ~north across the Snowy from near Ilawong. The suspension bridge is 
just out of sight in the valley.

5/ Looking down Spencers Ck. near the junction with the Snowy. Sat afternoon. There 
were no complete snow bridges across Spencers or the Snowy, but they are crossable.

6/ Heading out on Sunday afternoon. From next to the flying-fox. Looking across 
Guthega pondage and up Guthega Ck.

So, there is plenty of snow to ski on:)