Sweet Dreams, May 2002

Adrian had one of his first natural leads on Sweet Dreams (14) at Sublime Point in the Blue Mtns. Its mostly protected by bolts actually but there is room for a few pieces of gear! And he scored some booty by going off-route at the top!!

And placing gear on P2.

Starting the P3 traverse with the rest of the route behind him (it goes up the crack to the tree and up).

Belaying me across the easy, fun traverse.

The reason you do Sweet Dreams: The step-over on P4...trees 80m below:)

Yep! Thats the bolt Adrian. On the alternative finish, supposedly 17 but more like a one-move 16, and covered in bolts! Very nice tho.

Adrian with his booty - two Camelots and a hex! Who leaves this sort of stuff behind? If you can identify the initials on them he just might return them to you.

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