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01May12Prof Brian Schmidt elected to Royal Society of London
01May12Announcement re 2013 ASA Annual Science Meeting
25Apr12gSTAR supercomputer ready for general use
25Apr12CASS Postdoctoral Fellowship: Radio Galaxy Evolution
25Apr12Two Lecturer Positions at Victoria University of Wellington
25Apr12ECR Mentoring Workshop registration update
12Apr122nd announcement: ASA Early Career Researcher Mentoring Workshop, Port Stephens NSW, May 31st - June 1st
12Apr12Gemini meeting registration deadlines and travel support
04Apr12Announcement: One-day Magnetic Field Workshop
04Apr12Turbulence Workshop - 30th April
04Apr12Giant Magellan Telescope and the NSF
04Apr12Conference announcement - Eclipse on the Coral Sea: Cycle 24 Ascending, November 12 - 16, 2012
03Apr122012 STA /APESMA Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey
01Apr12Talk on the Great Melbourne Telescope - 19 April
31Mar12Super Science Symposium: Final Announcement
31Mar12Exploring the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders
31Mar12XII International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos - abstract submission deadline now approaching
27Mar12ANITA Election results
27Mar12Astronomers Elected to Academy of Science
26Mar12Registration deadline, April 2 - Multiwavelength Surveys: A Vintage Decade. June 4-8, 2012, Hunter Valley, Australia.
26Mar12anzSKA Newsletter 34 now online
26Mar12ANITA steering committee elections - last chance TODAY
25Mar12ASA calendar
23Mar12Gemini Adaptive Optics Workshop
22Mar12AAO workshop on next generation instruments
22Mar12Fwd: Big Bang Event
21Mar12Call for GeMS+GSAOI community commissioning targets
15Mar12Call for Early Adopters on fornax, the GPU Cluster
14Mar12Clarification - voting for the ANITA Steering Committee members
13Mar12AAO Observer February 2012
12Mar12Reminder - AAO PhD Scholarships available
12Mar12SKA in SMH, The Age and others
12Mar122nd Announcement: Workshop on the Magellanic Clouds in Western Australia
12Mar12Voting for the ANITA Steering Committee members
12Mar12ASA Early Career Researcher Mentoring Workshop, Port Stephens NSW, May 31st - June 1st
12Mar12IAP-Subaru Conference (June 25-29)
11Mar12Call for Gemini, Subaru, and Magellan Proposals in Semester 2012B
08Mar12Super Science Symposium: General Announcement
07Mar12Voting for the ANITA Steering Committee members
05Mar12ASA ASM2012: First Announcement + Registration
01Mar12AAO PhD Scholarships available
29Feb12ASA Prize reminder
29Feb12Exploring the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders: 2nd Announcement
29Feb12AAT Proposal Call 2012B: deadline 5PM, 15 March 2012 - new time swap arrangement with CTIO/DECam
28Feb12Second announcement. Multiwavelength Surveys: A Vintage Decade. June 4-8, 2012, Hunter Valley, Australia.
26Feb12Updates via new Murchison Widefield Array Facebook page
24Feb12IAU GA deadlines
23Feb12Visual Monitoring of variable stars
22Feb12The ASA is on facebook
17Feb12SCAR and COMNAP Fellowships 2012
15Feb12Honours Scholarships for 2012
15Feb12Information for astronomy PhD students
13Feb12Call for new IAU membership applications - update
13Feb12AAL employment opportunities
13Feb12ARC-funded postdocs at Macquarie University
11Feb12Postdoctoral position at UNSW
10Feb12The Dawes Reviews in PASA
09Feb12Feedback - Speed Meet a Mentor Workshop
08Feb12Gemini Science and User Meeting 2012
08Feb12The Galileo Project - Tafelmusik tour of Australia in March
03Feb12News from GMTO
02Feb12PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: Expressions of Interest due mid-April
01Feb12Proposed Instrumentation changes for Parkes and ATUC special meeting 13th February
01Feb12ANITA 2012: Final Announcement
01Feb12Call for Proposals for the 2.3m telescope May - July 2012
01Feb12ASTAC call for proposals
01Feb12Workshop - From Antikythera to the Square Kilometre Array: Lessons from the Ancients
31Jan12Honours Scholarships for 2012
27Jan12ASA prizes are now open for nomination
27Jan12Bok prize - eligibility change and extended closing date
27Jan12AAO Research Fellow positions
27Jan12Message from CSIRO SKA Project Scientist
26Jan12Michelle Storey Public Service Medal
26Jan12Call for White Papers to define the Gemini InfraRed-Optical Spectrometer (GIROS) | Gemini Observatory
25Jan12Call for FLAMINGOS-2 System Verification proposals
25Jan12Special meeting on dedicated VLBA time
24Jan12Donations along with ASA subscriptions
18Jan12repost - Lecturer in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Level B or C) (016N8)
18Jan12Monthly Notices 1960-2003
17Jan12Vacancy on the Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC)
17Jan12Second Announcement - Australian Exoplanet Workshop
17Jan12Call for White Papers to define the Gemini InfraRed-Optical Spectrometer
17Jan12SKANZ 2012 - Auckland
16Jan12Magellanic Clouds workshop - Perth Sept 10-13, 2012
16Jan12Award to Joss Bland-Hawthorn
16Jan12Prof. Steve Rawlings, Oxford
16Jan12ASA EPOC Membership Drive
16Jan12Radio Physics and Remote Sensing of the Corona and Heliosphere: Singapore, August 2012
09Jan12Australian ALMA community workshop. Feb 6-7.
08Jan12AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
08Jan12Upcoming AAOUC meeting
05Jan12Applications invited for Lectureship at UQ
05Jan12Applications invited for Lectureship at UQ
21Dec11ASA Christmas Greeting
21Dec11New timeline for ASA ASM planning
21Dec1113 Feb ATUC Special Meeting
20Dec11AAO Advisory Committee public update
20Dec11anzSKA Newsletter 33 now online
19Dec11Registration open. Multiwavelength Surveys: A Vintage Decade. June 4-8, 2012, Hunter Valley, Australia.
19Dec11Nanten2 Training Workshop - UNSW Feb 20-21 2012
19Dec11Second announcement: Australian ALMA community workshop, Feb 6-7, 2012
19Dec11Pulsar meeting - 6-7 February 2012 U.Melbourne
16Dec11Registration opening for the ANU Nuclei in the Cosmos school and Announcement of NICXII satellite workshop on r-process nucleosynthesis
13Dec112nd announcement : "370 years of Astronomy in Utrecht"
13Dec11Macquarie University - Lecturer in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Level B or C)
08Dec11Media release - Academy welcomes Nobel science education commitment
08Dec11Nobel lecture - Professor Brian Schmidt
07Dec11ASA Bok prize
02Dec11Postdoctoral Research Fellow in X-ray binary jets at ICRAR, Curtin University
02Dec11AAO Research Fellow positions
02Dec11Honours Scholarships for 2012
01Dec11ICRAR Honours and international PhD scholarships
01Dec11Multiwavelength Surveys: A Vintage Decade. June 4-8, 2012
01Dec11AAO Forward Look 2011-15 Draft for Comment
30Nov11Postdoctoral position in NZ for the Murchison Widefield Array
30Nov11ATUC report now available
29Nov11AAO Honours scholarship deadline
29Nov11Announcement - Australian Exoplanet Workshop
28Nov11ASA/ANITA summer school announcement email
28Nov11SAMI Workshop Third Announcement
27Nov11ANITA Survey: Strategic Plan for Theoretical Astrophysics 2012-2015
27Nov11Starlight Conference
25Nov11iVEC proposals to use the epic HPC in Perth
24Nov11Call for new IAU membership applications and IAU GA invitations
23Nov11Australian ALMA community workshop. Feb 6-7, 2012
22Nov11The Mopra Central Molecular Zone Molecular Line Mapping Survey
21Nov11Undergraduate Student Space Prize
16Nov11REGISTRATION AND ABSTRACT SUBMISSION OPEN Nuclei in the Cosmos XII -- 5-10 August 2012, Cairns, Australia
14Nov11***Second Announcement*** Large Surveys in the Multi-IFS Era.
09Nov11AAO Honours and PhD Scholarships available
09Nov11Commemoration of Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane
08Nov113rd announcement for MQAAAstro workshop
08Nov116th Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation
07Nov11ANITA Survey: Strategic Plan for Theoretical Astrophysics 2012-2015
30Oct11DIrector General of the SKA Project
28Oct11Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope Feb - Apr 2012
26Oct11Community Forums on the proposed changes to the ATNF
25Oct11Stromlo Student Seminars
25Oct11MQ AAAstro inaugural workshop 2nd announcement.
24Oct11***First Announcement*** Large Surveys in the Multi-IFS Era.
21Oct11Bolton Symposium Reminder
18Oct11reminder: PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
18Oct11Community forum at the October ATUC open session meeting
17Oct11gSTAR/NVIDIA/CUDA Workshop at Swinburne, November 2-4
13Oct11Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year to Stuart Wyithe
10Oct11ANITA newsletter
08Oct11Woody Sullivan interviews
07Oct11Reminder ATUC Science Meeting and Open Meeting
06Oct11AAO Engineering jobs
06Oct11IAU Symposium 288 - "Astrophysics in Antarctica"
05Oct11Fwd: anzSKA Newsletter 32 now online
04Oct11Nobel prize in physics to Brian Schmidt
04Oct11Announcement - Swinburne Keck Science Workshop
04Oct11UTas Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work on Galactic Radio Astronomy
28Sep11ASA Factsheet - Transit of Venus, 6 June 2012
28Sep11GMT Exoplanet Workshop
26Sep11IAU Global OAD_Call for Volunteers
25Sep11Launch of AAO 2010 symposium proceedings
23Sep11ATNF/AAO Bolton Symposium - call for abstracts
21Sep11PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
17Sep11Next ATUC Meeting and ATUC Science Meeting: 24-26 October 2011
16Sep11MQ AAAstro 3-day Workshop Dec 5-7th 2011 FIRST announcement
15Sep11Call for Gemini, Subaru and Magellan Proposals in Semester 2012A
14Sep11Vacation Scholarships in Astronomy/Physics at the University of Sydney
12Sep11Science & Technology Australia: September 2011 Newsletter
10Sep11RAS Fellowships 2012
08Sep11AAO/MQ honours scholarhsips
08Sep11Re: AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
06Sep11AAL Board and committee vacancies
02Sep112012 Bolton Fellowship
31Aug11Faculty Summer Vacation Research Scholarships in Astrophysics & Exoplanetary Science at UNSW
30Aug11MoCA Vacation Scholarships
28Aug11First announcement - Nuclei in the Cosmos XII,
24Aug11AAO Observer - Edition 120, August 2011
23Aug11Election: ASA Education and Public Outreach Chapter Steering Committee
23Aug11AAT Proposal Call (Semester 2012A): deadline 5PM, 15 September 2011
18Aug11Science & Technology Australia August Newsletter
18Aug11Update - Summer Vacation Research Scholarships in the Macquarie University
17Aug11Summer Vacation Research Scholarships in the Macquarie University
17Aug11Parkes 50th Science Symposium
16Aug11PhD scholarship in cosmic magnetism
11Aug11REMINDER: Vacancies on the Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC)
08Aug11Australian Gemini Undergraduate Summer Studentships 2011/12
08Aug112nd Announcement: The 2011 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop
04Aug11Super Science Fellow in radio Polarimetry
03Aug11AAO Student Fellowships
28Jul11Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope Nov 2011-Jan 2012
27Jul11Vacancies on the Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC)
27Jul11GMT Exoplanet Meeting]
27Jul11Workshop: Gemini and GMT - corrected email address
26Jul11Fwd: News from GMTO
26Jul11Workshop: High Angular Resolution Astronomy with Gemini and GMT, 9th August
23Jul11CASS Summer Vacation Scholarships
17Jul11ASA Fellowship
16Jul11New ASA Council from July 2011
14Jul11A new Epoch for EPOC - and a call for nominations
10Jul11Curtin Research Fellowships
07Jul11Announcement for IAU Symp. 284
05Jul11Fwd: New ANITA newsletter now available! New crossword prize!
05Jul11PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: Expressions of Interest due 15th September
30Jun11ANITA town hall meeting - Thursday July 7th, 1:15-2PM @ the ASA Meeting
29Jun11ICRAR Summer Studentships
28Jun11Reminder - Ballot for ASA Council members
28Jun11'Respect the Science' Campaign
28Jun11anzSKA Newsletter 31 now online
27Jun11Voice your opinions on AAT observing?
27Jun11The birth of 'Science and Technology Australia'
23Jun11Speed Meet a Mentor - at the ASM
15Jun11CAASTRO Postdoc in Global Epoch of Reionisation Experiments
15Jun11Registration Open for "Science with Parkes @ 50 Years Young"
13Jun11Revised ATUC date Tuesday 28 June 2011
13Jun11CASS: OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship - A census of the Local Universe (deadline 1st July 2011)
07Jun11Ballot for ASA Council members
06Jun11UQ - Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level A
02Jun11Formation of new IAU Working Group
02Jun11Postdoctoral Position in Astrophysics - University of Sydney
01Jun11Postdoctoral Position in Astrophysics - University of Sydney
01Jun11Gemini NIR and AO Survey
31May11Australian astronomy booth at APRIM2011
31May11Eclipse conference announcement
31May11Deadlines for registrations - ASA-ASM/Harley Wood Winter School
22May11** Request ** Images for Mid-Term Review publication
19May11Macquarie Research Centre in Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrophotonics
18May11CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Radio School 2011: Second Announcement
17May11Postponement of ATUC meeting and ATUC's science meeting on Time Domain Astronomy
16May11Nominations for ASA Council
11May11FASTS snapshot of measures and preliminary analysis of the Federal Budget 2011/12 as they relate to the science sector.
11May11Proposed closedown of CANGAROO
10May11Earylbird deadline for registrations - ASA-ASM/Harley Wood Winter School
10May11FASTS Memo to members - May 2011
09May11AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
06May11Release of the Astronomy Mid-Term Review document
06May112011 FASTS/APESMA Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey
29Apr11AAO Advisory Committee public update
29Apr11Next ATUC Meeting and ATUC Science Meeting: 25-27 May 2011
28Apr11Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope Aug-Oct 2011
27Apr11Eclipse opportunity
26Apr11Emeritus Professor Bernard Mills
25Apr11ANITA welcomes new members
19Apr11Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Extragalactic Astrophysics at Swinburne
19Apr11New Job Opportunity: First Science with ASKAP
19Apr11News from GMTO
14Apr11ANITA newsletter
12Apr11Introductory email to astrophysics community
12Apr11anzSKA Newsletter 30 now online
12Apr11ASA mystery payment
08Apr11CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Radio School 2011: First Announcement
05Apr11Proposed closedown of CANGAROO
04Apr11The 2011 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop
01Apr11Second announcement: Australian ALMA community workshop
30Mar11REMINDER: Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2011B
30Mar11UWS - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computational Imaging, Visual Science and Computational Astrophysics
30Mar11IQEC/ CLEO Pacific Rim 2011 Call for Abstracts
29Mar113rd Conference Announcement - Supernovae and their Host Galaxies
29Mar11Workshop on Novel Radio Telescopes for 21-cm Cosmology
29Mar11PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: May application round open
29Mar11Australian ALMA community workshop. May 5-6 2011
29Mar11Second announcement: Women in Astronomy Workshop
29Mar11Research Associate - Astronomy & Data Modelling - Univ. of Sydney
29Mar11ASA Code of Ethics
29Mar11ASM and HWWS websites ready!
10Mar11Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2011B
10Mar11AAO Research Astronomer
10Mar112011 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes
09Mar11GNOSIS available on a shared risk basis in semester 2011B
09Mar11National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Astronomy Flagship Program
07Mar11Online forum for astro postgrads
07Mar11Reminder - 2011 Louise Webster prize - nominations close 9th March
07Mar11Farewell to Rad 1929-2011
22Feb11AAO Observer: February 2011 edition
20Feb11News from FASTS - February 2011
20Feb11Reminder: 2011 Charlene Heisler prize - nominations close 1st March
17Feb11Call for GPI Campaign Science Programs
16Feb11AAT Proposal Call (Semester 2011B): New deadline at 5PM 15 March 2011
15Feb11First Announcement: Women in Astronomy Workshop
14Feb11Second announcement: 6th Stromlo Symposium on "IFU Science in Australia"
14Feb11ASA membership renewals due
11Feb11AAO PhD Scholarship Scheme
09Feb11Postdoctoral Researcher in Solar Physics
09Feb11Visualization researcher/astronomer at Swinburne University
08Feb11Discussion forum for AAT observers?
07Feb11AAT Large Observing Programs -- Call for Proposals
07Feb11Bill Ellis
06Feb11Arthur Page
04Feb11Sydney, 6 and 16 February: two talks on Australian science history
04Feb11PhD scholarship available at ICRAR
03Feb11Supernovae and their Host Galaxies - 2nd announcement
01Feb11John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellow
01Feb11Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope May-July 2011
30Jan112011 Bok prize - reminder - closes 31 January 2011
30Jan112011 Charlene Heisler prize - nominations close 1st March
30Jan112011 Louise Webster prize - nominations close 9th March
23Jan11GMT Extragalactic Science Meeting
18Jan11SCAR AAA Kick-off meeting
17Jan11ANITA 2011 meeting - reminder
10Jan11AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
08Jan11ASA membership information updates
08Jan11ASA donations
08Jan11ASA fees for 2011
05Jan11Community input for the AAO Users' Committee teleconference
22Dec10John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarship
15Dec10Gemini Planet Imager Campaign Science -- call for letters of intent
11Dec102011 Bok prize - nominations open
11Dec10Fixed Term Lectureship in Astronomy & Physics at Monash
09Dec10anzSKA Newsletter 29 now online
04Dec10Fwd: [Astro Book Drive] Call to action: Astro Library-Indonesia
04Dec10ASA2011 - Annual Science Meeting and Harley Wood Winter School
04Dec10Super Science Fellowships at the University of Tasmania
03Dec10Memorial for John Huchra
26Nov10REVISED First Announcement - Conference on IFU Science in Australia
23Nov10ARC Discovery Program Consultation Paper
22Nov10First Announcement - Conference on IFU Science in Australia
18Nov10Astronomy Flagship Program
18Nov10AAO Distinguished Visitors for 2011
18Nov10Re: announcement: Input sought for gSTAR
16Nov10Conference Announcement - Supernovae and their Host Galaxies
16Nov10e-Science Astro workshop, Dec 7 - program and registration available
15Nov10Positions Advertised at ICRAR: Some Dates Extended Others Closing Soon!
15Nov10AA website updates
12Nov10Reminder: Positions Advertised at ICRAR Closing Soon!
12Nov10Town Hall Meetings for Mid Term Review for the Astronomy Decadal Plan
11Nov10Super Science fellowships in Theoretical/Observational Astronomy at University of Sydney
11Nov10ANITA Newsletter and 2011 meeting
10Nov10CAASTRO is now hiring
07Nov10Invitation to join the ASA's Women in Astronomy chapter
05Nov10Opportunity to publish a themed issue in PASA
04Nov10Supplementary Information re Feb-Apr ANU 2.3m proposals
03Nov10Super Science Fellowship in Murchison Widefield Array Imaging and Calibration
03Nov10Super Science Fellowship in Murchison Widefield Array Imaging and Calibration
02Nov102011 Astroinformatics School - Registration Open
29Oct10Super Science Fellowships in Astronomy at Macquarie University
29Oct10Fwd: News from GMTO
28Oct10Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope Feb-Apr 2011
24Oct10The sky in our lives and IYA2009 surveys
24Oct10First Annual CAASTRO meeting
24Oct10Mt Stromlo Xmas Seminars 26 November 2010: Register Now!
24Oct10Tue 26 Oct for AAO Student Symposium
14Oct10Continuing Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Canterbury
10Oct10ATUC Open Meeting 14th October
10Oct10PhD scholarship available in Astronomy at Macquarie University/AAO
10Oct10ATUC Open Meeting 14th October
07Oct10AAO/MQ honours scholarships
06Oct10Chief Operating Officer for CAASTRO
06Oct10PhD scholarship at University of Sydney in Cosmic Magnetism
05Oct10GNIRS System Verification call for proposals
04Oct10Super Science Fellowship in Astrophysics - Monash University
01Oct10PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
01Oct10Call for Expressions of Interest in the SPADES project
29Sep10AAO Distinguished Visitorships for 2011
28Sep10Updated Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2011A
28Sep10Next ATUC Meeting: 14/15th October 2010
27Sep10SSF in high dynamic range radio-astronomical imaging
26Sep10Job advertisement: SSF-Wallaby
26Sep10anzSKA Newsletter 28 now online
26Sep10Job advertisement: SSF-Wallaby
26Sep10Astroinformatics School 2011
26Sep10Monash student scholarships
16Sep10Directorship at the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Swinburne University
15Sep10AAT proposal deadline extended
14Sep10Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2011A
13Sep10Super Science Fellowship at the AAO
13Sep10ICRAR Summer Studentships
13Sep10Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing management changes
12Sep10Gemini User Forums
12Sep10For exploder: Survey of Australian Scientists
12Sep10Astronomy Flagship Projects: Allocation of NCI time.
08Sep10Five-year fellowships to work on cosmic magnetism at U. Sydney
06Sep10Gemini Transition Plan Released
04Sep10Memo to FASTS Members: Federal election update / APESMA Women's survey / your concerns about ERA / science literacy / congratulations
04Sep10Tue 26 Oct for AAO Student Symposium
04Sep10Two Super Science Fellowships at RSAA, ANU
04Sep10Fwd: Second Announcement of GMT2010 workshop in Korea
01Sep10University of Sydney Vacation Scholarships
01Sep10Science with HERMES Workshop
01Sep10UNSW Vacation Scholarships
30Aug10Gaia-related stellar survey
30Aug10AAT proposal call: Semester 2011A
27Aug10Request for help to indentify scientists working in electorates held by independent Members of Parliament
26Aug10Swinburne Summer Vacation Scholarships
23Aug10Two Super Science Fellowships at Swinburne
23Aug10AAO Observer: August 2010 edition
23Aug10AAO / Macquarie University Postdoctoral Research Fellow -- Formation and Evolution of Nearby Galaxies
18Aug10e-Science Challenges workshop announcement
18Aug10Party Responses to FASTS Science & Innovation Federal Election Questionnaire 2010
17Aug10Macquarie University Department of Physics and Astronomy summer research scholarships
17Aug10Ray Smartt
11Aug10Applications for 2010 CASS Summer Vacation Scholarships Now Open
11Aug10PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University
11Aug10ASA Council, Prizes and next year's ASM
11Aug10Former MSO staff member and Galaxy Formation Pioneer Dr. Leonard Searle Dies
11Aug10Curtin University Research Fellowships: Applications open
11Aug10Large Observing Programs on the AAT: Semester 2011A
11Aug10Applications for 2010 CASS Summer Vacation Scholarships Now Open
11Aug10PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University
11Aug10ASA Council, Prizes and next year's ASM
11Aug10Former MSO staf member and Galaxy Formation Pioneer Dr. Leonard Searle Dies
11Aug10Curtin University Research Fellowships: Applications open
11Aug10Large Observing Programs on the AAT: Semester 2011A
11Aug10Announcement of GMT2010 workshop in Korea
02Jul10AAT Large Observing Programs -- Call for Proposals
30Jun10Community input for AAO Users' Committee meeting
29Jun10Fwd: FASTS news
27Jun10ASA Council Ballot + AGM minutes
24Jun10New ANITA website and membership drive
22Jun10New ASA Treasurer
22Jun10MWA meeting at University of Sydney next week
16Jun10ASA Student Representative 2010-2011
15Jun10Science with HERMES Workshop
14Jun10ASA Council Ballot form
08Jun10New astrophotonics/astrophysics positions at MQ/AAO
08Jun10Issues Paper for the Mid-term Review of the Decadal Plan
02Jun10anzSKA Newsletter 27 now online
01Jun10CASS Radio School
01Jun10Planetary Science and Astrobiology Workshop
26May10Reminder - Swinburne Workshop: Synergistic Surveys of the Southern Sky
26May10ASA2010 registration closes 1 June
25May10Super Science Fellowship in 21cm Cosmology
24May10Macquarie University Postdoctoral fellowships
24May10Super Science Fellowships In Radio Astronomy - Sydney Institute for Astronomy
24May10Super Science Fellowships at ICRAR
24May10Super Science Fellowship at the University of Tasmania
22May10ATUC Agenda and Science Day meeting
19May10Super Science Fellowships at CSIRO
19May10Free 13.7m parabolic dish
18May10Announcement of Swinburne Workshop: Synergistic Surveys of the Southern Sky
12May10Super Science Fellowship at the AAO
11May10Re: AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
10May10Future directions for Parkes, Tidbinbilla and the LBA
09May10Keck remote observing station at Swinburne
08May10HWWS2010 early registration closes 23rd May
06May10Nominations for ASA Council
05May102nd Announcement: e-VLBI and the Path to the Square Kilometre Array
05May10Super Science Fellowships available at ICRAR/Curtin
28Apr10Call for Proposals for 2.3m telescope Aug-Oct 2010
28Apr10REMINDER: registration deadline for "Challenges for the GMT" meeting - 30 April 2010
25Apr102010 HWWS site
25Apr10Australian Museum Eureka Prizes - entries close 7 May
21Apr10ASA2010 Early registration closes 2 May
13Apr10Walter Stibbs
12Apr10Source-finding Challenges for ASKAP
09Apr10New WiggleZ postdoc at UQ!
08Apr10ARC Super Science Fellowships - successful proposals in Astronomy and Space Science
08Apr10anzSKA Newsletter 26 now online
03Apr10Women in Science Fellowships now open
30Mar10Final announcement: "Celebrating the AAO: Past, Present, and Future"
30Mar10Reminder: Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2010B
29Mar10Feb 2010 AAO Newsletter
27Mar10Ben Gascoigne
25Mar10Academy of Science elects new ASA members
22Mar10SPIRAL upgrade LIEF bid
17Mar10RSAA Instrument Scientist - Adaptive Optics
15Mar10Vacancy on the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC)
10Mar10First Announcement - Source Finding Challenges for ASKAP
09Mar10* FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT * ANITA/gSTAR Theory Workshops, 22-23/3/24, Swinburne
09Mar10AAO Instrument Scientist Position
09Mar10ANITA Election results
08Mar10Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2010B
03Mar10New AAT Proposal Form now open: check your name and affiliation
03Mar10Challenges for the GMT" meeting - 2nd announcement
01Mar10PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: May application round
01Mar10Reminder - ASA's Louise Webster Prize
01Mar10ASA subs - last chance for early payment discount
26Feb10AAT Proposal Call (Semester 2010B): deadline 15 March 2010
23Feb10ASA 2010 ASM first announcement
19Feb10ASA subs - important for members who have faxed payments recently
18Feb10Workshop on "Stacking Techniques for Wide-Field Astronomy"
16Feb10ASA's Charlene Heisler Prize - with correct years
15Feb10ASA's Charlene Heisler Prize
15Feb10ASA's Louise Webster Prize
15Feb10AAO PhD Scholarship Scheme
15Feb10Cosmic Magnetism Conference 7-11 June 2010
13Feb10'Stories of Australian Astronomy 2010' - now open for submissions
11Feb10ANITA Elections
07Feb10Large Observing Programs on the AAT
07Feb10Global Astronomy Month April 2010
07Feb10"Challenges for the GMT" meeting - 1st announcement
07Feb10University of Sydney - last notice - Research Associate / Postdoctoral Research Associate
01Feb10Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3m telescope time May-July 2010
28Jan10Reminder - Bok Prize - Submissions by 1 Feb.
28Jan10Second announcement: "Celebrating the AAO: Past, Present, and Future"
27Jan10Aust/NZ Workshop on SKA Data and Signal Processing, Feb 15th Auckland.
27Jan10ANITA/gSTAR Theory Workshops, March 22-23/24, Swinburne University
27Jan10Community input for AAO Users' Committee teleconference
26Jan10=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=8COut_of_this_World=B9_Honour_for_Australian_Ast?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?ronomer_-_Press_Release?=
23Jan10New Chief of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
19Jan10An Announcement for the ASA e-mail Exploder
18Jan10Emeritus Professor John Davis
14Jan10Re: AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
13Jan10Workshop announcement
11Jan10Bok Prize - Call for submissions
11Jan10on-line ASA membership
22Dec09NCA meeting summary and plan for the Mid-Term Review
19Dec09Astronomy Lecturer - James Cook University
18Dec09AAL EIF EoIs
17Dec09International Body Officeholders 2009
16Dec09Short GSC Survey for Partnership Instrument Needs
12Dec09AAL EIF EoIs
10Dec09AstroMed09 - final announcement
09Dec09Registration reminder for SKANZ2010
08Dec09AAO Distinguished Visitor announcement
08Dec09anzSKA Newsletter 25 now online
08Dec09Final Call for AAO EIF bid expressions of support
04Dec09Gemini-AAL EIF Bid
04Dec09AAO EIF bid expressions of support
02Dec09RSAA Postdoc in Computational Astrophysics
02Dec09Stromlo Fellow, RSAA ANU
01Dec09CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science formed
01Dec09Monash Research Fellow-Magnetic fields star formation
27Nov09Reminder - ASA/ANITA Summer School
27Nov09Three APAI scholarships - ARC Linkage - "Measuring the effectiveness of specialist science enrichment programs"
25Nov09Re: 10th Torino Workshop on AGB Nucleosynthesis
25Nov09SkyMapper Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Fellow
25Nov09SkyMapper Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Fellow
25Nov09Instrument Scientist, RSAA
24Nov09IVS 2010 General Meeting: Second Announcement
24Nov09Astronomy in November 2009
24Nov094 Extragalactic Postdoc Positions at Swinburne
24Nov09Uni Melbourne - Reseach Fellow in Astrophysics
24Nov09Astro book drive for Rwanda
18Nov09EIF and NG1dF
17Nov09Possible ATNF bids for AAL's $10M
17Nov09First Announcement: "Celebrating the AAO: Past, Present, and Future"
12Nov09Indigenous Astronomy Workshop
12Nov09AstroMed09 - Preliminary Scientific Program
12Nov09ASA/ANITA Summer School in Theoretical Astrophysics.
11Nov09Possible AAO bids for AAL's $10M
09Nov09$10M Investment Plan: Expressions of Interest
07Nov09Reminder - PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
06Nov09Reminder: Diffuse Gas in and Around the Milky Way Workshop, 3 & 4 Dec 2009
03Nov09Laser pointers
30Oct09Ohio State faculty opening in particle astrophysics and cosmology
28Oct09Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3 telescope time Feb-Apr 2010
27Oct09ICRAR positions
27Oct09Curtin University of Technology: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in physics (continuing)
11Oct09Nominations for Berenice Page Medal now open
08Oct09PhD studentships in Astronomy & Astrophysics at the ANU
07Oct09PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
06Oct09IYA Astronomy in October 2009
05Oct09Data Analysis with the Fermi Space Telescope, Monash Uni, Nov.23-24
04Oct09ICRAR summer student application extension
02Oct097 CSIRO Positions
02Oct09Postdoctoral positions at The University of Sydney
29Sep09Two astronomy positions at the AAO
29Sep09REMINDER: Gemini proposals due Wed 30 Sep, Magellan proposals due Wed 7 Oct
29Sep096th Oct at AAO: MANIFEST Science Day
28Sep09Diffuse Gas in and Around the Milky Way Workshop, 3 & 4 Dec 2009
28Sep09anzSKA Newsletter 24 now online
25Sep09Australian High School Student's Gemini Image Revealed
23Sep096th Oct at AAO: MANIFEST Science Day
18Sep09PhD Projects in Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Gravitational Wave Detectors
18Sep09Pathways to SKA Science in Australasia
17Sep092010 San Diego SPIE Meeting Call for Papers
17Sep09REMINDER: Future Gemini Instrumentation Survey closes Friday 18 September
15Sep09Graduate Research in Physics at the University of Melbourne
15Sep09ARC peer review consultation
15Sep09Next ATUC Meeting: 29/30th October 2009
13Sep09Future Gemini Instrumentation Survey
11Sep09AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
09Sep09ASKAP Survey Science announcement
07Sep09For exploder - ICRAR summer studentships
07Sep092nd Announcement and call for Abstracts - AstroMed09
03Sep09AAL Board vacancies
02Sep09Aug 2009 AAO Newsletter
02Sep09AAO/MQ Honours scholarships
01Sep09workshop: Women in science: why waste productivity, diversity and innovation?
01Sep09Vacation Scholarships, The University of Sydney
01Sep09Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2010A
28Aug09Physics at Swinburne Postgraduate Information Day: 25th September
28Aug09Australian Gemini Undergraduate Summer Studentships
28Aug09AAO Student Fellowships
26Aug09PhD Studentships in Astronomy at The University of Sydney
26Aug09Macquarie University summer vacation research scholarships 2009
25Aug09UNSW Exoplanetary Science Vacation Scholarships
25Aug09PhD Scholarships in Exoplanetary Science at UNSW
25Aug09AAT Proposal Call (2010A) - deadline 15 September 2009
24Aug09Swinburne Vacation Scholarships
24Aug09PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: October application round
21Aug09Astronomy in August: theatre, film, star hunt and more
20Aug09GMTIFS Information Day
17Aug09Astronomy & Astrophysics Summer Scholarships in the Beatrice Tinsley Institute NZ
13Aug09Stromlo Student Xmas Seminars 2009
07Aug09Post-grad info day at University of Sydney
03Aug092009 AAO and Gemini Summer Studentships now open
03Aug09MSc Scholarships in Radio Astronomy & Instrumentation available in NZ
30Jul092009 ATNF Summer Vacation Program Scholarship Applications Now Open
28Jul09Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3 telescope time Nov 2009 - Jan 2010
25Jul09Australian funding to participate in the GMT
16Jul09New impact factor for PASA
16Jul09Women in Astronomy
14Jul09Postdoc in Astrophotonics MQ/AAO
10Jul091st Announcement - AstroMed09
07Jul09Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Physics UNSW@ADFA
02Jul09Community input for AAO Users' Committee meeting
30Jun09CSIRO ATNF Radio Astronomy School 2009: First Announcement
29Jun09ANITA town hall meeting @ ASA09 - Wed 8/7 1PM
27Jun09Australia Teelscope User's Committee: May 2009 meeting update.
26Jun09REMINDER: Demystifying the Gemini Queue - Workshop Monday 29 June 2009
26Jun09Job announcement
25Jun09ASA Student Representative Election - How to vote and Message from Candidates
25Jun09ASA Student Representative Election - How to vote and Message from Candidates
24Jun09Curtin Research Fellowships
17Jun09Australian Space Research Program Discussion Paper & Consultation
17Jun09Demystifying the Gemini Queue - Workshop Monday 29 June 2009
15Jun09new ASA Student Representative
12Jun09ASA exploder
12Jun09Vacancy on the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC)
05Jun09Re: "ASA prize winners" announcement
04Jun092009 Gruber Prize for Cosmology to Jeremy Mould
03Jun09RSAA jobs-School Manager and Software/IT Systems Specialist
03Jun09Astronomy in June: Jupiter's moons and Harmonious Revolutions
26May09Oz MWA Meeting
25May09ANU Physics and Astronomy Masterclass
20May09Science with SKAMP, 16-17 Sep 2009
19May09FASTS budget workshops - all capital cities
19May09WFMOS Announcement
15May09Monash University: Margaret Clayton - Women in Research Postdoctoral Fellowship 2010
14May09AAO's future funding secured
13May09ASA 2009: 3rd Announcement
13May09AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals
04May09OCE Postgraduate Scholarship 2008 - Star formation and Magnetic Fields in Nearby Galaxies
04May09OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship 2009 - "Mapping the HI Universe" (2009/243)
04May09IYA Astronomy in May
04May09ATUC CABB Science Meeting 13th May
30Apr09Nominations for ASA Council
28Apr09Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3 telescope time AUG-OCT 2009
27Apr09Next ATUC and CABB Science Meetings: 13th, 14th and 15th May 2009
24Apr09Postdoctoral Fellowship at ATNF: Exploring the magnetic universe with ASKAP
16Apr09PhD Opportunities in Exoplanetary Science at UNSW beginning Semester 2, 2009
16Apr092009 Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey
16Apr09Operations positions in the ATNF
16Apr09ASA 2009: 2nd Announcement - ASM and HWWS registration open
14Apr09ASA payment query
08Apr09Second Announcement: Galaxy Metabolism
06Apr09Poll on ESO membership - extended until Wednesday Night
04Apr09Final Announcement: The Many Faces of Centaurus A, Sydney June 28- July 3
04Apr09Registration Deadline for Joint Subaru/Gemini Science Meeting
03Apr09100 Hours of Astronomy - professional webcast
03Apr09Gemini School Astronomy Contest
03Apr09program on astronomy on ABC Radio National
02Apr09100 Hours of Astronomy 2-5 April - from Helen Sim
02Apr096dF Galaxy Survey: Final Redshift Release (6dFGS DR3)
29Mar09New PhD opportunities at Macquarie University/AAO
28Mar09Next ATUC Meeting: 14/15th May 2009
26Mar09Reminder: Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2009B
26Mar09Potential astronomy postdoc position at Macquarie
25Mar09100 Hours newsletter - Issue 3, March 25 2009
25Mar09Academy of Science announces new Fellows
23Mar09Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference on Nuclear Astrophysics in Australia -- first announcement
20Mar09Poll on ESO membership
18Mar09David Allen Prize - nominations close Monday 23rd March
15Mar09One day workshop: Gas and magnetic fields in galaxies
15Mar09Radio Astronomy PhD positions available
15Mar09PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: May application round
15Mar09PhD scholarship available at Curtin University of Technology
11Mar09ASA 2008 Announcement
11Mar09100 Hours e-newsletter - Issue 2, March 10, 2009
10Mar09Reminder - Call for AAT proposals (2009B)
05Mar09AAO PhD Topup Scholarships - reminder
04Mar09Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2009B
27Feb09Feb 2009 AAO newsletter
26Feb09Charlene Heisler and Early Career Research Prizes - deadline 2nd March
25Feb09Registrations open for Galaxy Metabolism
25Feb09AAT Proposal Call (2009B) - deadline 15 Mar 2009
25Feb09International Year of Astronomy: March news
24Feb09Re: ASA subs for 2009
19Feb09Seed Grants for IYA Activities
13Feb09David Allen Prize - nominations open
12Feb09What is FASTS?
11Feb09Call for nominations: Fresh Science 2009
10Feb09Astroinformatics School - Registration Open
09Feb09Positions at Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL)
09Feb09MASH Workshop - Final Announcement
09Feb09Early Career Research Prize - REMINDER nominations close 2nd March
09Feb09Charlene Heisler prize - nominations open
06Feb09AAO PhD Topup Scholarships
05Feb091 year postdoc research assistant at Macquarie
04Feb09New role - CSIRO SKA Director
03Feb09Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3 telescope time May-July 2009
29Jan09Third ANITA workshop
24Jan09Stuart Wyithe wins Pawsey Medal.
23Jan09Bok prize - nominations close 2nd February
21Jan09Australian astrophysics summer school
21Jan09Joint Subaru/Gemini Science Conference - Registration now open
19Jan09Not received your ASA invoice for 2009 yet?
15Jan09PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications
15Jan09ASA membership notices
14Jan09Call for AAT Service Proposals - deadline February 1
14Jan09IAU individual member applications
14Jan09NCA meeting summary
14Jan093 day workshop in Sydney in Feb 2009 *** 2nd announcement***
20Dec08Announcement of Opportunity - UK Schmidt Telescope
19Dec08AAT Board appointment
17Dec08Bradley Review of Higher Education
15Dec08Vacancy on the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC)
13Dec08New ASA Factsheet - Laser pointers
12Dec08The 2009 International Year of Astronomy in Australia
12Dec08Govt funding announcement for uni infrastructure
12Dec08Astroinformatics School 2009
10Dec08New ASA Prize for Early Career Research
09Dec08IAU etc. office holders
09Dec08ASA Bok Prize - nominations open
07Dec08First Announcement: The Many Faces of Centaurus A, 2009 June 28 - July 3
07Dec08Postdoctoral Fellows - Near Field Cosmology - Galaxy Evolution
04Dec08FIR2009: the ISM of Galaxies in the Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimetre
30Nov08Conference announcement - MISSING BARYONS, ACCRETION & FEEDBACK IN GALAXIES - Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2009
27Nov08Monash University : Senior Administrative Officer - Level 1 Teaching/Laboratory Physics
24Nov08Magellan Fellowships
24Nov08Job at RSAA available
24Nov08IYA wines now available - 2
21Nov08MWA Project Manager
19Nov08IYA wines now available
13Nov08Visit to Australia by ESO's Director-General
11Nov08GMT workshop
11Nov08IAU GA Special Session on the Galactic Plane (1st announcement)
11Nov08GMT announcement of opportunity
10Nov083 day workshop in Sydney in Feb 2009
07Nov08AAO Operations Manager Position
07Nov08IYA - coins
04Nov08New Australian Deputy Gemini Scientist
02Nov08conference announcement
31Oct08Call for Expressions of Interest for ASKAP Survey Science Projects
30Oct08New report on science,maths & technology participation & funding for climate change networks
30Oct08Call for Proposals for ANU/RSAA 2.3 telescope time Feb-Apr 2009
30Oct081) Curriculum papers 2) FASTS elections
29Oct08Postdoctoral positions at the Radio Astronomy Centre of Excellence, Perth
27Oct08final reminder - Bolton Post-doctoral Fellowship
21Oct08FASTS comment on R&D data released today
20Oct08Stromlo Xmas seminar - 2nd announcement
17Oct08GMT Instrumentation Workshop
10Oct08Next ATUC Meeting: 27/28th Oct. 2008
07Oct08Early career researcher - Stromlo Fellow.
05Oct08Australian-Italy Award: for PhD Students and Early Postdoctoral Researchers
02Oct08Swinburne Vacation Scholarships
02Oct08Magellan Proposal Deadline Extended
30Sep08Professor Penny Sackett has been appointed Chief Scientist
29Sep081) full costs of research 2) research jobs 3) block grants 4) opinion piece - CRC review
24Sep08User feedback to Gemini Science Committee
19Sep08ANSOC report now available
16Sep08Mopra Milky Way Survey Meeting on 3 Nov 2008 at ATNF Lecture Theatre
09Sep08Call for Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Subaru Proposals in 09A
09Sep08Higher ed policy points
09Sep08FASTS response to Kim Carr's Laureate Fellowship announcement
09Sep081) NCRIS roadmap 2) FASTS Climate change statement - Emissions Trading Scheme is a means - not an end
09Sep08CSIRO - ATNF Astrophysics Staff position and 2008 Bolton Fellowship
09Sep08Lawrence Krauss workshop on cosmological controversies
09Sep08SPITZER: The Hubble Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
02Sep08National Centre for Astronomical Computing
28Aug08UWA/Curtin studentships in Radio Astronomy
28Aug08Summer Vacation Research Scholarships, UNSW
27Aug08University of Sydney Vacation Scholarships
26Aug08Curtin University of Technology Research Fellowships
25Aug08Call for AAT Proposals: Semester 2009A
24Aug08"LOFAR and the Transient Radio Sky", Amsterdam, 15-17 Dec 2008
19Aug08Macquarie University summer vacation research scholarships 2009
19Aug08ANSOC documents now available
18Aug08Call for AAT Proposals - **October 1st**
15Aug08Call for AAT Service Proposals - deadline October 15
15Aug08ASKAP-Optical/IR Synergy Meeting 25-26 Sep
13Aug08ATNF Science Priorities for 2010-2015 - feedback welcome
13Aug08PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University
12Aug08ARC College of Experts
12Aug08ATNF Synthesis Imaging School
08Aug08URGENT - NCI Computing Opportunity
07Aug08Opportunities to join the AAL Board - applications close 21st August
07Aug08AAO and Gemini Summer Studentships
06Aug08ATNF 2008 Summer Vacation Scholarship Program
05Aug08ADASS Announcement
29Jul08Call for Proposals for RSAA 2.3m telescope Nov 2008-Jan 2009
27Jul08RSAA Summer Research Program
27Jul08National Science Week 2008
27Jul08Time available on UH 2.2m telescope
22Jul08ANITA and its future role
22Jul08Joint Gemini/Subaru Science Meeting 2009
22Jul08IYA2009 "100 hours of astronomy" webcast - call for expressions of interest
18Jul086th Annual Stromlo Xmas Seminars
18Jul08Final opportunity to provide comments on AAO Future
17Jul08ASKAP-Optical/IR Synergy Meeting 25-26 Sep
14Jul08Vacancies on the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC)
13Jul08Results of ASA ballot
13Jul08USyd Postdoc Fellowships 2009
13Jul08Postdoctoral Fellow Position at ANU RSAA Mount Stromlo Observatory
08Jul08More...comments on future of the AAO
08Jul08Community input on the Future of the AAO
04Jul08International PhD scholarships at Curtin
04Jul08Position vacant at FASTS - Part-time financial administration and office support
03Jul08Extension of Magellan access
03Jul08Giant Magellan Telescope Science Talks
02Jul08reminder - ASA Ballots
27Jun08ASA Student Representative Election - How to Vote and Message from Candidates
23Jun08Community input for AAO Users' Committee meeting
22Jun08Book on Harley Wood
21Jun08ABC Radio programme "StarStuff" -- Axed
16Jun08AAO Job Vacancies - Electronics Technical Officers
16Jun08AAO Job Vacancy - Electrician
16Jun08AAO Job Vacancy - Builder/Handyperson
13Jun08Australian Earth Sciences Convention (planetary sciences stream)
13Jun082008 Charlene Heisler and Bok Prizes
11Jun08AIP 18th National Congress, Adelaide 30 November - 5 December 2008
09Jun08Consultation paper - new ERA initiative (research assessment)
09Jun08Consultation paper - new ERA initiative (research assessment)
09Jun08New student rep for the ASA
03Jun08NSW Only - Nominations - $45,000 NSW Scientist of the Year Award
02Jun083 new continuing astronomy and astrophotonics positions at Macquarie University
02Jun08Extension to AAO Service Deadline
02Jun08Future Science with the ATCA, June 11
01Jun08Research Fellow - University of St Andrews
28May08FASTS Vacancy - communication and research officer
28May08ASA 2008 Meetings registrations re-opened
27May08reminder - Council nominations
24May08Sydney Observatory, Australia's oldest, celebrates its 150th
23May08Fwd: Future Fellowships Consultation Paper - Have your say
22May08Paul Wild
19May08Australian Antarctic Division - Chief Scientist
18May08AAT Service Observing: Call for Proposals
14May08FASTS Budget comment
13May08Reminder - ASA ballot due 16 May
13May08Request for information - scientific ballooning
13May08OzLens2008: Registration & Submission of Abstracts
10May08REMINDER - ASA 2008 Registration+Abstract DEADLINE
10May08ATNF Synthesis Imaging School
09May082008 QLD Government Science Writer Award
05May08Mid-Year PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University
05May08Merging Black Holes in Galaxies: Galaxy Evolution, AGN and Gravitational Waves
02May08ASA 2008 Online Registration+Abstract Submission OPEN
02May08FASTS President's message
02May08Professor of Experimental Physics - Monash
02May08AAS Award to ASA members
01May08SUSI workshop: registration
30Apr08New inquiry into research training
30Apr08Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting in China
29Apr08Future Science with the ATCA, June 11
29Apr08Re: Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
29Apr08Student demand in 2008
29Apr08Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
29Apr08recent email - Council nominations and an Auditor ballot
27Apr08Reminder - 2008 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes
22Apr08Presentations at the Science with the GMT meeting now available
18Apr08FASTS information
14Apr08Large-scale mm Mapping Workshop
14Apr082008 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Scientific Research
14Apr0811m antenna available
14Apr08Seminars on the history of Australian meteorology and astronomy
04Apr08RAS Group Achievement award for 2dFGRS team
03Apr08Next ATUC Meeting: 7th May, 2008
02Apr08AGU Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting - July 2008
02Apr08Job Opportunity: Australis Fellowship - Joint Postdoctoral Position with Australia Telescope National Facility and Universidad de Chile
02Apr08Inquiry into Australia's space science and industry sector
01Apr08Draft released for comment: the first Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science
31Mar08Software Engineer for radio astronomy, University of Melbourne
26Mar08New NCA members
26Mar08Reminder - ASA Charlene Heisler Prize nominations
24Mar08Assistant Professor Position in Kagoshima University
18Mar08Peter Fenton notice
17Mar08AAT proposal deadline extended
13Mar08Fwd: Gillard announces review of higher education
12Mar08Kioloa High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop (Deadline extended -- 17/3)
29Feb08MWA NCRIS Funding
29Feb08Last day for early payment discount of membership subs
28Feb08AAO IT Support Vacancy
28Feb08Call for AAT proposals in Semester 2008B
21Feb08REMINDER: AAO PhD Scholarships - deadline 1 March 2008
20Feb08REVISED - Kioloa High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop: Second Announcement
20Feb08Kioloa High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop: Second Announcement
18Feb08URSI Young Scientist grant
18Feb08AAO Job Vacancy - Electronics Technical Officer
18Feb08Fixed term Astronomy lecturer NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNI
15Feb08SUSI Workshop
15Feb08ATUC and ATNF future operations
15Feb08Call for Nominations in Cosmology - The Franklin Institute Bower Award and Prize
12Feb08Australia 2020 summit
09Feb08Lecturer positions at Centre for Astronomy, James Cook Uni
09Feb08AAT Service Time announcement
05Feb08Research Associate - VLBI - University of Tasmania
04Feb08Australian web site for astronomy and space news
03Feb08ASA Subscription Notices - early payment discounts
31Jan08Science opportunities with HERMES
29Jan08Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
25Jan08Bok Prize - closing date 31st January
20Jan08Re: M.R.O Service for A.S.A Members
15Jan08PASA in 2008
15Jan08Invitation to submit radio-astronomy papers for URSI General Assembly and WARS
14Jan08Australian France co-operation fund in astronomy
14Jan08AAOUC Survey of AAT Service Observing 2008
13Jan08Science with the Giant Magellan Telescope Meeting Announcement
13Jan08HEA workshop announcement
08Jan08Research Fellow in High-Energy Astrophysics-Monash
08Jan08WARS Meeting 2008
03Jan083-year AAO research astronomer position available
23Dec07Research Scientist position at the ATNF
21Dec078th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
21Dec07UN proclaims 2009 the International Year of Astronomy
20Dec07Call for nominations to the NCA
19Dec07Call for nominations to the NCA
19Dec07NCA meeting summary
11Dec07ASA membership notices
07Dec072008 Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau
07Dec07Aus-VO Summer School 2008 - First Announcement
05Dec07New AAO PhD top-up scholarships available
05Dec07In the Shadow of the Moon
05Dec07Book signing by Fred Watson - Tuesday 11 December
03Dec07High Performance Computing in Astronomy & Astrophysics
03Dec07special call for AAOmega *bright time* Service proposals
03Dec07appointment of Gemini Scientists based at AAO
03Dec07Future AAT instrument - workshop summary available
03Dec07Bok Prize nominations
03Dec07Bok Prize nominations
01Dec07PASA Editoral Board - Call for Applications
23Nov07Melbourne - Postdoctoral Research Position in Cosmology
21Nov07CSIRO Lifetime Achievement Award for Dick Manchester
20Nov07Elections for FASTS Executive 2008
20Nov07NIFS Postdoctoral Fellow
19Nov07Conference Announcement: Deep Surveys of the Radio Universe with SKA Pathfinders
19Nov07Deputy Gemini Scientist position
16Nov07call for AAT Service Observing proposals
16Nov07Stromlo Fellowship
16Nov07Reminder: ASA Summer School - price increase 21/11/07
15Nov07AAL Quarterly Update
11Nov07Seminar on Astronomy Education
11Nov07ATNF staff member becomes Powerhouse "Wizard"
09Nov07Staff and Postdoctoral Opportunities at Swinburne
08Nov07Test of ASA exploder
06Nov07Postdoctoral opportunity at Curtin University of Technology: Wide-Field VLBI
04Nov07Extragalactic Magnetic Field workshop
02Nov07Faculty positions in astronomy/astrophysics at the University of Utah
02Nov07Summer School on Theoretical Astrophysics
02Nov07WA Scientist of the Year 2007
30Oct07Brisbane Observatory
30Oct07Next meeting of the Australia Telescope User Committee (ATUC)
30Oct07Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
27Oct07SDSS mirror announcement
26Oct07URSI GA Call for Papers
26Oct07Australian MWA workshop: 13 November at Swinburne
26Oct07Fwd: RQF Advisors - Call for Expressions of Interest
23Oct07Astrophotonics Workshop
22Oct07Young Scientists awards for URSI meeting
14Oct07Job opportunities at Curtin University of Technology
07Oct07Ronald N. Bracewell Memorial Service
04Oct07FASTS opinion pieces
04Oct07Observing time on the NANTEN2 sub-millimetre wave telescope
26Sep07Scientist in Schools Project
26Sep07AAO Future Instrumentation Workshop, 9 November
24Sep07Science with Parkes Workshop, 5 November
22Sep07Swinburne Vacation Scholarships
22Sep07PhD Positions in Astronomy - Call for Applications
22Sep07UWS Seminar on Astronomy Education
21Sep07Messel Research Fellowship, University of Sydney
18Sep07PhD scholarship
13Sep07Postdoctoral Fellow in Near Field Cosmology, Univ. Sydney
10Sep07Permanent lectureship at UQ in Brisbane
07Sep07Astrophotonics Workshop
05Sep07Postdoc position on polarimetry
05Sep07Post-doc in e-MERLIN science support
04Sep07University of Sydney Vacation Scholarships
04Sep07AAO/Macquarie Uni Honours Research Scholarships
04Sep07Mac.Uni summer research scholarships in Physics/Astronomy
03Sep07Workshop on Applications of Radio Science
03Sep07Australian Proposals for the Magellan, Gemini, Keck and Subaru
30Aug07Workshop on extragalactic/intergalactic magnetic fields, Nov 7/8, Sydney
29Aug07Australian Gemini Scientist
29Aug07Australian Deputy Gemini Scientist
29Aug07AAO Head of Instrument Science
28Aug07CSIRO astronomer awarded =?iso-8859-1?Q?L=27Or=E9al?= fellowship
24Aug07AAT Semester 2008A Call for proposals & AAO Newsletter
24Aug07Astro Research Assistant - Swinburne
17Aug07New ASA Factsheet - Lunar Eclipse 28 August 2007
16Aug07R.N. Bracewell, 1921-2007
15Aug07Call for AAT Service TIme
14Aug07Sad news regarding Ron Bracewell
14Aug07RSAA Summer Research Scholarship Program 2007/2008
11Aug07Request for ASA Input to NACAA 2008 Conference
10Aug07Wrong closing date for Swinburne position.
10Aug07Continuing Position at the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing
31Jul07ATNF 2007 Summer Vacation Scholarship Program
30Jul07AAO and AusGO Summer Studentships
30Jul07Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
29Jul07Fwd: (1) Australian Graduate Survey (2) Scientists in schools program
29Jul07International Year of Astronomy, 2009
22Jul07Inaugural Summer School on Theoretical Astrophysics
20Jul07AAT position - Telescope Operator
20Jul07Request for information for AAO Annual Report
18Jul07ASA student representative
18Jul07Australians share in $500,000 Gruber Cosmology Prize
17Jul07AAOUC Science Symposium 26 July 2007
17Jul07AAL Board
16Jul07Bernard Pagel
16Jul07Information updates for the AA web site - 1
13Jul07NCA public summary
11Jul07Review of 'Science meets Parliament'
09Jul07Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Extra-Solar Planetary Science
09Jul07SSO Senior Technical Officer
07Jul07National Science Week
06Jul07'The great climate change swindle'
06Jul07New lower ASA subscription fees for 2008
05Jul07Commercial Projects Business Manager, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing
04Jul07New ASA Council
28Jun072007 Charlene Heisler Prize
28Jun07Public Lectures associate with GRG18 and Amaldi7
22Jun07AAO Users Questionnaire
21Jun07Repeat - Student rep for the ASA
19Jun07FASTS new report on change in Australian R&D
19Jun07Pawsey Medal 2008
19Jun07Monash University : Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Experimental Physics
15Jun07Repeat - Student rep for the ASA
12Jun07Reminder - Ballot for general Council positions
12Jun07Monash Fellowships
08Jun07Chris Christiansen
06Jun07NANTEN2 Millimetre-Wave Astronomy Workshop
05Jun07Function to remember Chris Christiansen
05Jun07Second Magellan Science Symposium
05Jun07Ballot for general Council positions
04Jun07Student rep for the ASA
01Jun07Last Call for registrations for ASA2007
01Jun07RSAA Postdoctoral Fellow in Feedback Processes in Galaxy Formation
31May07Request for input on Magellan FourStar filters
30May07Australia For Women in Science Fellowships
24May07New Federation Fellowship in Astronomy
22May07sub-millimetre astronomy from the Atacama plateau
22May07Fresh Science 2006 - Nominations Now Open
20May07GMT News list - reminder
18May07GMT Science Meeting
18May07Swinburne Undergraduate Winter School
17May07Australian MWA Meeting: 4 June
16May07Vacancies on the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC)
14May07Australian Government response to the AAO DEST review
10May07Special Gemini Call for Proposals
09May07Call for AAT Service Proposals: DEADLINE JUNE 1st, 2007
09May07Budget notes
08May07GRG18 and Amaldi7 Conferences - Electronic Newsletter
08May07ASA2007 Third Announcement
07May07Scientists and science communication in Australia
04May07Astronomy Australia announcement
30Apr07Ensemble Theatre, Sydney - ASA discount
30Apr07Call for proposals to use SSO telescopes
27Apr07ASA/HWWS second announcement
23Apr07International Linkage for Theory
18Apr07Announcement: S2PLOT 1.80 released
15Apr07Prizes, awards, prizes, money, recognition ...
05Apr07Re: PhD scholarship available in Astronomy
04Apr07PhD scholarship available in Astronomy
02Apr07Erratum: HWWS financial assistance
02Apr07HWWS financial assistance
23Mar072007 Eureka Prizes Launched
21Mar07Radio Astronomy positions at Hartebeesthoek
16Mar07ESO Sky Survey (fwd)
14Mar07Expressions of Interest - Gemini S - AO Imager Guaranteed Time team
14Mar07ATNF Science Symposium
14Mar07ESO Sky Survey
13Mar072007 Charlene Heisler Prize
09Mar072007 Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey
02Mar07Proposals for Australian access to Magellan, Gemini, Keck and Subaru
02Mar07NANTEN2 Workshop, June 11-12
02Mar07First announcement of ASA2007 + HWS2007
24Feb07Under the Radar - Life and times of Ruby Payne Scott, Australia's first female radio astronomer
22Feb07Call for AAT proposals in Semester 2007B
20Feb07reminder about the MIRA meeting
16Feb07AAT Service Call
16Feb07Extension to early payment deadline of ASA dues
15Feb07Monash workshop - Seismology of Magnetic Activity
08Feb07Fixed-term lectureship at UQ
08Feb07PASA Update
02Feb07Women in the Professions
29Jan07Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
29Jan07final reminder - Bok Prize nominations
24Jan07Changes to ANU operations at SSO
24Jan07Urgent! FAA bank details for internet banking
24Jan07ASA dues
19Jan07ANU advertising the position of Director, RSAA
06Jan07Continuing Research Post Open at Mt Stromlo
03Jan07SKA Science and Technical meeting, Sydney 12-16 March
03Jan07reminder - Bok Prize nominations
20Dec06VLBI Project Scientist at University of Tasmania
19Dec06Level C Research Astronomer
19Dec06AAO Users' Committee Meeting (AAOUC) - Feb 9, 2007
12Dec06Bok Prize nominations - 2
12Dec06Bok Prize nominations
12Dec06NCA report
12Dec06Invitation to UTas FPGA Workshop
08Dec06Job Opportunity: Millimetre Astronomy Research Scientist
07Dec062006 Charlene Heisler Prize
06Dec06Progress on NCRIS and Astronomy Australia
06Dec06graduate school - The Originof the Galaxy and Local Group
05Dec06Nature mentoring award to Prof. Rachel Webster
04Dec06International office holders
04Dec06Macquarie University - PhD scholarship available
30Nov06Australian France co-operation fund in astronomy
28Nov06Shirley Allen OAM
27Nov06$500 million boost for Australian science infrastructure - NCRIS announcement from Bishop
27Nov06ASA online
27Nov06Sydney conference on dark matter in astro & particle physics
23Nov06PHD Scholarship in Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy - Univ. of Adelaide
20Nov06Job opportunities in Swinburne
16Nov06Call for AAT Service Programmes
13Nov06input please - ASA council meeting
08Nov06Australian Magellan Fellows
06Nov06NSF astronomy - expanded international partnerships
01Nov06Call for Nominations for the NCA
01Nov06Call for proposals to use SSO telescopes
31Oct06REGISTRATION OPEN - Aus-VO Summer School
31Oct06Giant Magellan Telescope - Australian Community
30Oct06Tenure Track Radio Astronomy Position in Australia - closing date Nov 10
17Oct06Reminder to all ATNF users: Upcoming ATUC meeting 23/24 October
17Oct06Naomi McClure-Griffiths wins 2006 Malcolm McIntosh Prize
16Oct06the future of PASA
13Oct06Sydney Presentation of the Grote Reber Medal
11Oct065th Stromlo Symposium - Early Bird Registration
09Oct06Reminder - First International IDA Asia Pacific Office Conference
09Oct06Bolton Fellowship & OCE Postdoctoral Fellowships 2007
05Oct06FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Aus-VO Summer School
05Oct06Australia Telescope Users Committee meeting information
29Sep06Australia and South Africa short-listed for SKA
22Sep06UWA SKA postdocs
15Sep06postdoc positions-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and University of Sydney.
15Sep06new ASA Factsheet - Transit of Mercury in November
11Sep06ASA Student O/S Conference travel support
04Sep06Messel Postdoctoral Fellowship - University of Sydney
04Sep06Call for Proposals for the Magellan and Gemini Telescopes
01Sep06Post-doctoral positions at UNSW
01Sep06Fifth Stromlo Symposium
01Sep061st Asian Radio Astronomy Winter School
01Sep06Reminder - 2006 Charlene Heisler Prize
31Aug06Report of the AAO Review Panel
29Aug06Graduate Workshops on Applying for Gemini and Magellan Time
28Aug06Australian Gemini Undergraduate Summer Studentships 2006/7
23Aug06Eureka! for Fred Watson
21Aug06Doug Cunliffe
16Aug06Annoucement to student members of ASA
15Aug06Call for AAT proposals in Semester 2007A
11Aug06AAO/Macquarie Uni Honours Research Scholarships (fwd)
10Aug06AAO/Macquarie Uni Honours Research Scholarships
10Aug06Mac.Uni summer research scholarships in Physics/Astronomy
10Aug06Call for AAT Service Observing Proposals
08Aug06PASA subscriber issues
08Aug06Texas 2006: Latest news and important information
07Aug06Pawsey Medal 2007 - nominations
03Aug06Call for Applications for ATNF Summer Vacation Scholarships
03Aug06Lecturer at the University of Tasmania
03Aug06New NCA Chair
03Aug06Postdoctoral or Research Fellow-Supernovae & Gamma Ray Bursts
03Aug06Visualisation Researcher/Astronomer
03Aug06Call for SSO observing proposals
31Jul06Travel and Accommodation support for Australian AAT observers
28Jul06Survey of Anglo-Australian Telescope and UK Schmidt Telescope
27Jul062006 Charlene Heisler Prize
26Jul06Important PASA Announcement
25Jul06Survey of Anglo-Australian Telescope and UK Schmidt Telescope
25Jul06ASA women in astronomy meeting report
19Jul06AAO Users' Committee
12Jul06Conferences - GRG18 and Amaldi7
12Jul06Request for information for AAO annual report
12Jul06NCRIS Draft investment plan
12Jul06First Announcement - Seismology of Magnetic Activity July 2007
10Jul06Third Announcement- 7th ATNF Synthesis Imaging School 18-22 September
07Jul06Job - Professor of Radio Astronomy, Curtin
07Jul06National Science Week
07Jul06First International IDA Asia Pacific Office Conference
07Jul06Monash - Senior Lectureship in Experimental Physics
30Jun06NCRIS Draft Investment Plan
28Jun06Locating PeV Cosmic-Ray Accelerators: Future Detectors in Multi-TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy: Adelaide 6-8 Dec 2006
28Jun06Second Announcement: IAU Symposium 242: Astrophysical Masers and their Environments
28Jun06ASA2006 - informal meeting to discuss Australian GMT membership
27Jun06ASA council meeting
27Jun06ASA WiA Meeting
27Jun06Dr Pip Hamilton - Member of Order of Australia
26Jun06Engineering/Computer Scientist position at Tidbinbilla (Radio Astronomy Focus).
22Jun06Shaw Prize to Perlmutter, Riess, Schmidt
16Jun06ASA2006 programme and list of participants
14Jun06Reminder - PASA survey (important!)
13Jun06FASTS revised budget data
08Jun06Vacancy on ATAC
05Jun06Questionnaire on APAC
02Jun06PASA survey (important!)
30May06AIP 17th National Congress - Call for Abstracts Extended
29May06Reminder: ATUC meeting next week
29May06Astronomy Journals available
29May06Second announcement- 7th ATNF Synthesis Imaging School 18-22 September
25May06ELT/GMT meeting
24May06Gemini laser adaptive optics opportunity
23May06Swinburne Astrophysics and Supercomputing Winter School 13 and 14 July 2006
23May06AAT position - Telescope Operator
23May06Job Opportunity - ATNF Marsfield
18May06GEMINI - TEXES Demonstration science call for proposals
18May062006 HWWS Oversubscribed!
18May06NCRIS: Optical/IR infrastructure
15May06Reminder: register for the ELT/GMT meeting, 18 May
12May06AAT Service Programme call
10May06Re: ELT/GMT information meeting second announcement - ADDENDUM
10May06ELT/GMT information meeting second announcement
10May06Pre-Solar Grains as Astrophysical Tools
05May06IAU JD 12: Long Wavelength Astrophysics
04May06missed that ASA email?
03May06Opitcal/IR NCRIS process
02May06Research positions at the AAO
01May06ASA2006 2nd announcement
01May06Australian Magellan nights and Magellan Fellows
01May06Eureka Prizes close May 5
28Apr06Call for proposals to use RSAA telescopes
27Apr06Extremely Large Telescopes meeting
27Apr065th Stromlo Symposium-Disks Winds and Jets: From Planets to Quasars
21Apr06NCRIS meeting TODAY
21Apr06ATNF Job - Applications Developer - Web Master
21Apr06Workshop: A new instrument for the AAT
21Apr06RE: ATNF Job - Applications Developer - Web Master
19Apr06ATNF Job Opportunities
19Apr06First Announcement - 7th ATNF Synthesis Imaging School, 18 - 22 September 2006

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