At the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (March 2001).

The first picture shows Luca being kissed by the infamous Pauline Pantsdown:

What Fred Nile said (from Hansard, the official record of the NSW Parliament):

Reverend the Hon. F. J. Nile: I wish to comment about the 2001 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. The public has expressed widespread concern at the participation of large numbers of children in the parade under the banner "Children of the Rainbow." The Sunday Telegraph claimed that hundreds of children took part in the parade. A large number of children were pushed in strollers by adults, others were carried on the shoulders of adults while older children walked with adults. Many of the children showed signs of fear and confusion at the loud noises, bright lights, fireworks and the large crowd shouting. Because of its obscene and offensive behaviour, the Mardi Gras is not suitable for children. When Channel 10 broadcast the parade on Sunday night, it rated the program 'M' for mature adults over the age of 15 years. Some questions need to be answered. Did the children participate until the end of the parade? Did they remain after it concluded? How did they get home? When did they get home, assuming that many adults stayed to participate in other activities? Did the New South Wales Department of Community Services and/or the New South Wales Police Service give permission for the children -- especially infants -- to take part in the Mardi Gras parade? What consultation, if any, took place?

Some honourable members may regard the Mardi Gras as being simply a fun night when homosexual males dress as females. However, there were several offensive floats in the parade on which participants clearly and deliberately portrayed obscene acts. Males sat on one float that was shaped as a large penis, while two males portrayed obscene acts. Another float was a send-up of the Australian soldiers in Bougainville who made a mockery of the previous Mardi Gras parade and who were widely criticised by the homosexual movement. This float was clearly offensive and the actions of the float's passengers embarrassed both the commentators and the public watching the parade. The males on this float proceeded to act out the act of sodomy or buggery and then brazenly acted out oral sex. Is this the type of parade to which caring parents would take their children? Is this the type of parade in which children should be involved late at night on the streets of Sydney instead of being at home safe, warm and dry in their beds?

For your information, Fred, our children didn't see any of these `M-rated' floats. All we could see as we walked was the float in front (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and the crowd (lots of very happy, cheering people). We left straight afterwards and we were all home safe, warm and dry in our beds by half past ten.

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