Pure tones


The tones below were generated using a signal generator connected to a speaker and measured with a frequency counter so they are correct to high accuracy. They are “perfect pitch” notes and somewhat colourless but you might be able to match them to racquet and string sounds, or to hollow bat sounds, depending on whether you have good hearing. If you are tone deaf then they won’t help at all, but some professional tennis players have been known to match the sound of their strings with a tuning fork.


100 Hz           150 Hz           200 Hz           300 Hz           400 Hz


500 Hz           510 Hz           520 Hz           530 Hz           540 Hz


550 Hz           560 Hz           570 Hz           580 Hz           590 Hz


600 Hz           610 Hz           620 Hz           630 Hz           640 Hz


650 Hz           660Hz            670 Hz           680 Hz           690 Hz


700 Hz           1000 Hz        2000 Hz        3000 Hz


Tennis strings ping (vibrate) at about 500 to 700 Hz


Baseball bats ping at aboout 1000 – 2000 Hz


Racquet frames and wood bats vibrate at about 130 – 200 Hz, but you need to put your ear close to the handle to hear them, and hold the racquet or bat lightly about 6 – 7  inches from the end of the handle, so as not to damp the vibrations.