Current PhD students

Sarah Reeves

Aina Musaeva

Marcin Glowacki

Former PhD students

University of Sydney

John Ching (2014, The Large-Area Extragalactic Radio Galaxy Spectroscopic Survey (LARGESS))

Kate Chow (2012, The evolution of young radio sources and the milliJansky radio source population)

Dinuka Wijensinghe (2012, Galaxy star formation rates and their relation to galaxy environments)

Elizabeth Mahony (2011, Unveiling the high-frequency radio-source population)

Paul Hancock (2010, The Australia Telescope 20 GHz Survey and the Search for Young Radio Galaxies)

Jess Broderick (2009, The environments of distant radio galaxies)

Ilana Feain (2006, Active galaxies at high redshift: gas, jets and star formation)

Tom Mauch (2006, Radio sources in the local universe)

Ben Chan (2004, Episodic star formation in galaxies)

Diana Londish (2003, The 2QZ BL Lac Survey)

Sebastian Juraszek (2001, A study of galaxies behind the Milky Way)

University of Queensland (Associate Advisor)

Marianne Doyle (2006, HOPCAT, A complete southern sky neutral hydrogen-optical galaxy catalogue and the star formation rate-density relation)

Academic family tree

My own PhD advisors were Ken Freeman (ANU) and John Whiteoak (CSIRO), who are therefore 'academic grandparents' to the students listed above. A short article on Ken's academic family tree appears in the proceedings of a conference held on Dunk Island in 2001 to celebrate Ken's 60th birthday (see also Helmut Jerjen's photos).