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Sydney University,
N.S.W. 2006, Australia,
Tel. +61 2 9351 3679
Fax. +61 2 9351 7726


Doctor of Philosophy
Cambridge University, England 1994
Bachelor of Science
(Honours Physics) Class1
Australian National University 1988
Bachelor of Science
University of Queensland, Australia 1987

Current Position:

Australian Research Fellow
School of Physics
Sydney University

Previous Fellowships and Awards:

U2000 Fellowship University of Sydney 1999-2002
Lindemann Trust Fellowship University of California at Berkeley 1995
Cambridge Philosophical Society
Cambridge University 1994
Cambridge Packer Scholarship Cambridge University 1991-1994
O.R.S. award Cambridge University 1991-1994
Advanced Postgraduate
Research Award
Australian National University 1990

Academic History:

Australian Research Fellow
Sydney University
Optical Interferometry 2002-
U2000 Fellow
Sydney University
Optical Interferometry 1999-2002
Research Astronomer
U.C. Berkeley
Space Sciences Laboratory.
Infrared Spatial Interferometer group headed by Prof C.H. Townes
Ph.D. Studies
Cavendish Lab, Cambridge
Thesis Title: Imaging Stars Through the Atmosphere.
Stellar interferometry group: Supervisor Prof J. Baldwin
Jan. 1991 -
Sep. 1994
Postgraduate Research
Dept. Physics
A.N.U. Australia
Laser interferometry
Quantum optics
Research on gravitational wave detection
Feb. 1990 -
Nov. 1990
B.Sc. Honours studies
Laser Physics Center
A.N.U. Australia
Nonlinear laser spectroscopy
Solid state physics
Cryogenic and cryomagnetic techniques
Mar. 1988 -
Nov. 1988
B.Sc. studies
Queensland University
Major in Physics Feb. 1985 -
Nov. 1987

Research and Fields of Expertise:

Circumstellar Matter and Dust
Evolved Stars, Planetary Nebulae
Stellar Pulsations, Stellar Atmospheres
Wolf-Rayet Stars; Colliding-Wind Binaries
Young Stellar Objects
Optical and Infrared Interferometry
Image Reconstruction and Statistical Methods
Optical and Infrared Instrumentation
Optical design
Cryogenics, Vaccuum and Laser Physics

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School of Physics
Sydney University
NSW 2006, Australia