Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Topics in Modern Astronomy

Spring 2006


Helen Johnston (convenor)

The tentative schedule is shown below. The fourth column provides links to the lecture notes, where available. Short biographies of the speakers are available here.

DateSpeakerTitleLecture notesOther
Sep 14Joss HawthornWhat is Dark Matter?powerpoint (7.7 Mb)The Millennium Simulation animations are available at
Sep 21Quentin ParkerWide field astronomy(no lecture available)
Sep 28Phil DooleyEinstein, relativity and E=mc2 powerpoint (2.5 Mb)The UNSW pages on relativity are available at
Oct 5Helen JohnstonEyes on the Universe pdf (8.5 Mb) 
12th Oct - no lecture 
Oct 19Enno MiddelbergThe Technology and Science of Radio Astronomy powerpoint (7.4 Mb) 
Oct 26Elaine SadlerLives of the Galaxiespowerpoint (21 Mb) 
Nov 2 Ilana KlamerSupermassive black holes and their host galaxiespowerpoint (25 Mb) 
Nov 9 Bryan GaenslerThe brightest explosion in the universe  
Nov 16Laszlo KissPulsations in red giant and supergiant starsPDF (12 Mb) 
Nov 23Peter TuthillFrom dust to dust: The shrouds of stellar birth and deathpowerpoint (28 Mb) 

[4 December 2006] I am trying to extract the last few talks from people, but it's slow work... please bear with me.


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