The first paper was published in Science (2002) with father-son team Martin & Alex Harwit. These papers
lead to a workshop at JPL, and to Barry Geldzahler (NASA) visiting the Anglo-Australian Observatory in 2002
to discuss these ideas in more detail.


Full Text:

The second paper appeared in PASP (2003), also with father-son team Martin & Alex Harwit. You can access
this paper here. This goes through the arguments in the Science paper in more detail.

NASA has since announced that they will place a laser transmitter (0.3m diameter, 5W mean power) around Mars
in 2009 beamed back to Earth. Following discussions with NASA in Sydney during the International Astronomical
Union (July 2003), the Anglo-Australian Observatory is to take an active part in this development, to be ratified at
meetings in Washington DC in early 2004. We have much to contribute to this project -- for more details, see our
web site.