I have made regular appearances on US TV, BBC and ABC radio and TV since 1993. Early shows include FAQ with Adam Spencer, Catalyst with Paul Willis, an ABC documentary with Helen O'Neill, Science in the Pub with Dr Willis again, and numerous radio interviews with Robin Williams. Recent appearances on ABC radio are available as audio files. There are about a dozen podcasts over five years on Stuart Gary's StarStuff archive. Here are some video lectures and interviews:

2020 Annual Reviews interview, California

2020 2SER interview with Michelle Richardson

2019 BBC World News interview

2019 ABC interview with Marian Saab

2019 ABC interview with Marian Saab

2019 ABC Adelaide interview with Narelle Graham

2020 Australian celebration of IAU's 100th year

2019 Interview with Annual Reviews of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute, NY

2019 ABC interview with Ros Childs

2017 ABC interview with Kumi Taguchi

2015 USQ TV live stream lecture

2015 Future of Astronomy Plenary Talk, Frontiers in Optics, San Jose

2013 ABC interview with Jeremy Fernandez

2012 Channel 10 interviews with Paul Henry

2010 Astrophotonics Lecture at Rochester NY

2009 Institute of Photonics and Optical Science