I have written popular articles with Gerald Cecil and Sylvain Veilleux on "Colossal Galactic Explosions" and "The Life of a Quasar" (Scientific American, Mar. 2000). We explore the topic of "Galactic Winds" in greater detail in our Annual Reviews 2005 article. You might like to see my two entries for the Encyclopaedia of Astronomy & Astrophysics (ed. P.G. Murdin): "Gas in Galaxies" with Ron Reynolds, and "Tunable Imaging Filters".

Here is my recent petition to the scientific community (Science, Aug 2006) to recognize the extraordinary advances made possible by computational science. Without them, we would still be contemplating von Neumann's stalemate of 1946. This was followed by an article "Last Days of the Lone Astronomer," a soft lament on the organization of astronomers into huge teams (Nature, Aug 2010).