Popular and Technical talks (2010-2014):

High energy universe
Our astonishing universe (popular)
Nemesis: the search for antimatter in the universe (popular) Sydney Science Forum (University of Sydney - Dean's Series - 2010)
Front row seat on the daily life of a supermassive black hole (technical, popular) Allison Levick Memorial Talk (Australia National University, 2013)
Black hole behaving badly: our Galaxy's violent past (technical, popular) Physics Department Seminar (University of Sydney, April 2015)
The Milky Way - Evidence for Seyfert Activity in the Recent Past (technical but visual) Harvard seminar, November 2015

Near-field cosmology
The Gaia satellite: a billion stars in motion (technical, popular)
In search of the first stars (technical, popular)
Galactic archaeology: reconstructing the early Galaxy (technical) Galactic Archaeology Survey (Kavli Institute, Santa Barbara CA, 2015)
The solar family: where are the stars that were born with the Sun? (popular)
How gas gets into galaxies (technical) Where do galactic disks end? (Kavli Institute, Santa Barbara CA, 2015)
Origin and evolution of galaxies (technical, popular) Baryonic and Dark Matter in Galaxy Formation (University of Manchester, UK, 2012)
Baryonic astrophysics (technical)

Photonics in astronomy (interview) Frontiers in Optics, San Jose, November 2015
Molding the flow of light: photonics in astronomy (popular) Scientia Series (University of NSW, 2012)
Molding the flow of light: photonics in astronomy (technical) Introductory talk on astrophotonics (Rochester NY, 2010)
Space photonics (technical)
The next generation of scientific instruments (technical)

My interviews of senior academics
Ken Freeman (March 2016) for Annual Reviews of Astronomy & Astrophysics