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Pulse Recorder and Analyser - PRA

PRA is free software !!!

General information.

Pulse Recorder and Analyser is designed to use a computer with a sound adapter as an multichannel analyser and scaler. The main purpose of the application is to record and analyse signals received from a radiation detectors as: Geiger counters, scintillation detectors, gas proportional counters, and semiconductor detectors. It detects pulses and in real time analyses the acquired data. This application is currently used for running many experiments in the intermediate and advanced teaching laboratories in the School of Physics at The University of Sydney.

Hardware and software requirements:

A PC with a sound adapter running WindowsXP or higher operating system including 32bit and 64bit versions. It also works on Linux boxes using Wine.

Download PRA:

Documents (.pls and .ini files) created by different PRA versions are not compatible. Version 10 is the latest one including the most features, but also requiring extra resources. Version 9 (50% less resources required and smaller document files) is still maintained and is recommended for most users. For more information about PRA please download the program:
Version File Name Bytes Checksum md5
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 10.2.5 533152 9cf22462c47b4132fe03b23648e21176
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 9.1.3 451096 a5590d1d8263445c75e7556488d9e48e
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 8.1.3 461585 925a9b939b905abdb185bd71e1865686
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 375917 4000d4a3fdfa89b6eca0e378eb9b204e
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 348366 c3c001f49ef0e3c15b86a491e4ce618c
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 5.4.0 347433 e40bcd8a9c778cde57f78c1cf4d3b043
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version 4.4.2 330953 921b16901bbef45cabf4b4e0a1d60103


Unpack "pra*.zip". Copy suitable 32bit or 64bit PRA.exe and PRA.pdf files to any folder with writing rights. This program is portable and all settings are saved in the "PRA.ini" file located in the application's directory. For help see "PRA.pdf" included in the package (starting from version 7.1 accesible from Help menu in PRA).

For additional information or if you have any comments and suggestions E-mail Marek Dolleiser.

Last modified 2014/08/23.