QCL Group Members


Primary Investigator

Professor Michael J. Biercuk

Professor of Quantum Physics & Quantum Technology

School of Physics and

ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems

michael.biercuk - at - sydney.edu.au

Research Fellows


Jennifer Wakulicz - Honours 2018

Harrison Ball - PhD 2018

Federico Roy - Honours 2017

Todd J. Green - Honours 2012, PhD 2017 (now Georgia Tech)

Alex Hung - Honours, 2016 (now PhD UCLA)

Ruell Domoal - Undergraduate researcher, 2016

Oliver Alexander - Undergraduate researcher, 2016

Stephen Dona - EE Honours student, 2015

Charlotte Ward - Undergraduate researcher, 2015

William De Ferranti - Honours, 2015

Dr. Karsten Pyka - Research Fellow 2013-2015 (currently research scientist, Hella)

Jarrah Sastrawan - Honours and MSc Student, 2013-2015

Charles Olly Lotz - Undergraduate researcher 2014

Dr. Nitin Nand - Research Fellow 2014-2015

Dr. Terry McRae - Research Fellow 2013-2014

Henning Hahn - Visiting PhD student (Hannover/PTB) 2013-2014

Dr. James McLoughin - Research Fellow 2013-2014

Dr. Michael Lee - Research Fellow 2011-2013

Dr. David Hayes - Research Fellow 2012-2013, currently Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin

Marie Claire Jarratt - Honours 2013, Physics

Xinglong Zhen - Visiting PhD Student (Tsinghua), 2013

Kale Johnson - Visiting PhD Student (UMD), 2013

Dr. N. Cody Jones - Visiting Scholar, 2013, currently Research Scientist, HRL Labs

Dr Stephen Gensemer - Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2013, currently Staff Scientist, CSIRO

Alexander Soare - Honours 2012, Physics

Christian Marciniak - Visiting Scholar/Precious Snowflake, 2012

Pascal Cremer - Summer Vacation Scholar 2012

Nada Zaki - Honours 2011, EE

Research Students

Claire Edmunds

PhD Student

(QCL Honours 2015)


Calida Tang

Hons Student


Alistair Milne

PhD Student

(QCL Honours 2015)


Christian Marciniak

PhD Student

(BS Berlin, MSc Humboldt Univ. Berlin)


Riddhi Gupta

PhD Student

(BSc Hons Auckland)


Dr. Cornelius Hempel

PhD Innsbruck

MSc Michigan

Diplom Martin Luther


Dr. Robert Wolf

PhD Greifswald


Ashwin Singh

Hons Student


Virginia Frey

PhD Student

(BS Berlin, MSc Manchester)