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arch and Prof. Biercuk’s expert commentary have been featured in a variety of popular media outlets including The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, The Australian, Physics Today, the MIT Technology Review, ABC News, SBS, and a wide variety of online publications.  See below for a sampling of recent coverage (reverse chronological).

Smart Company

A century-defining technology: What is quantum computing...

30 January 2018

ABC’s The Drum

6 November 2017

Singularity Hub

IBM just simulated the biggest quantum computer to date - what that means for the field

8 November 2017


Quantum start-up Q-Ctrl “unmixing the soup” of qubit decoherence

3 November 2017

Australian Financial Review

CSIRO’s Main Sequence Ventures backs Q-Ctrl, a quantum computing firmware start-up

2 November 2017

ABC’s The Drum

16 August 2017

ABC’s The Drum

28 June 2017

ABC’s The Drum

22 May 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

What Tim Minchin and Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt have in common

22 April 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Dutton signals room to move on work visas for universities

21 April 2017

Australian Financial Review

Malcolm Turnbull’s 457 visa crackdown a disaster for universities

20 April 2017

ABC News

Scientists fear 457 visa changes will hinder research

19 April 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

Universities cry foul over axing of 457 visas

19 April 2017

457s: Deep tech’s uncertain times

19 April 2017


Startup sector enraged by scrapping of 457 visa

19 April 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

Public health advocate says Academy of Science spineless

17 April 2017

The Economist

Technology Quarterly: Here, There and Everywhere

March 2017

No Dogma Podcast

March 6, 2017

PauseFest 2017

Building the Quantum Future

February 2017

ABC’s The Drum

February 24, 2017

The Christian Science Monitor

Machines learn to find patterns in quantum chaos

January 17, 2017


Researchers accurately predicted the future of a quantum system

January 15, 2017


Quantum oracle: AI predicts and fixes qubit failure

16 January 2017

The Australian

Sydney University’s Quantum Leap into the Supercomputing’s Future

16 January 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

How Quantum Physics Research can help us see the future

16 January 2017

ABC Radio National Breakfast

Seeing the future of quantum systems

16 January 2017

ABC Radio The World Today

Seeing the future of quantum systems

16 January 2017

BBC Radio 5 Live

ABC Triple J

ABC Radio Brisbane

3 November 2016

ABC’s The Drum

2 November 2016

ABC’s The Drum

30 September 2016

Australian Financial Review

Has innovation hit peak hype?”

3 June 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

US intelligence awards multimillion dollar grant to Sydney University quantum science lab

3 May 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

Quantum computing leaps: Sydney University and UNSW as the best of frenemies

23 April 2016

Al Jazeera News

21 April 2016

ABC’s The Checkout

Series 4, Episode 3

21 April 2016

ABC News

21 April 2016

The Daily Telegraph

World Leading Institute for Nanoscience

21 April 2016


Scientists will now be able to work in the most advanced nanoscience facility in the southern hemisphere

20 April 2016

New Scientist

Sydney’s nanoscience lab has floating floors and Faraday cages

18 April 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald

Federal budget: Scientists push for more research funding.

15 April 2016

The Mark Bouris Show

Podcast Ep. 44


13 April 2016

The Guardian

Politicisation of NBN a tragedy that has held back innovation, ABC’s Q&A told.”

29 March 2016


Innovation (Download)

28 March 2016


“Q&A panelists agree: Politicians have completely screwed up the NBN”

29 March 2016

The Australian

Big plans loom for uni’s nano hub

23 March 2016

The Australian

On the cusp of the nano revolution

23 March 2016

Seven News

Science fiction comes true in Sydney

9 March 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

“Sydney University to Open Nanoscience Hub for the Quantum Technologies of the Future”

9 March 2016 (Front cover, print edition)


“Tech Talk in The Sky Takes Off”

18 Feb 2016


The first TEDx talk was held on a plane, but you weren’t invited”

17 Feb 2016

The Australian

Qantas flies our top thinkers on tech route

17 Feb 2016

The Herald Sun

Qantas hosts world’s first tech talk in the sky on its direct Sydney to San Francisco route.

17 Feb 2016

Australian Financial Review

PhDs are for real research, not helping business

30 Nov 2015

TEDx Sydney

Quenching a thirst for knowledge

October 2015

ABC News

Eureka prize honours quantum computing pioneers in their quest for “super computers”

27 Aug 2015

The Australian

Eureka moment for quantum computing

27 Aug 2015

The Conversation

Pioneers of quantum computing are among the 2015 Eureka Prize Winners

27 Aug 2015

ABC News

University of Sydney Launch STRIVE program to help returned soldiers find work, transition into civilian life

21 May 2015

Campus Review

Free course to help ex-military enter civilian workforce

12 May 2015

Sydney Morning Herald

Quantum physicist Michael Biercuk and Sydney University set up free course for ex-servicemen and women

6 May, 2015

Campus Review

Professor warns against loss of long-term research

18 February, 2015

The Australian

Quantum leap to help build safer and brighter lifestyles

November 1, 2014

ABC Science [commentary]

New accuracy record set for quantum computing

October 14, 2014

Sydney Alumni Magazine

Donors fast track quantum leaps

July, 2014

The Australian Financial Review

Who should pay for scientific research?

11 July, 2014

The University of Sydney, Inspired Campaign

Generous gift supports the promise of quantum computing

11 July, 2014

The Australian

Australian Innovation Challenge Finalist Announcement

2 November, 2013

The Australian

Coveted award attracts big ideas seeking big breaks

26 October, 2013

The Chronicle of Higher Education

How best to measure the value of research

8 August, 2013

The New York Times, Bits Blog

A quantum computing problem solved

19 June, 2013


Quantum data storage breakthrough brings quantum computing one step closer

19 June, 2013


Research gives new permanence to quantum memory

19 June, 2013

ABC News

Quantum memory gets a reality check

20 June, 2013

Sydney Morning Herald, the(sydney)magazine

Sydney’s Top 100

30 Nov, 2012

Lateline, ABC Television (Commentary)

Laws will stifle research claim scientists

31 Oct, 2012

Optics and Photonics Focus

A wind tunnel for quantum physics

22 Oct, 2012

The Australian (Commentary)

Defence Bill a research risk: academics.”

16 Oct, 2012

Sydney Alumni Magazine

Tiny particles: quantum leaps

10 Oct, 2012

The Conversation (Commentary)

Influential mentor wins overdue recognition with Nobel prize in physics.”

10 Oct, 2012

ABC Science

Quantum Evolution

20 Sept, 2012


Simulation: Quantum Leaps

14 Nov, 2012


Quantum Physics Makes Tomorrow’s Technology

15 Aug, 2012

University of Sydney, Faculty of Science

Three Eureka Prize Finalists in the Faculty of Science

27 July, 2012


The 10 world-changing experiments that will shape the future

July 2012

New Scientist (Commentary)

Teleportation record heralds global quantum network

15 May, 2012

The Guardian, UK

Quantum computers are leaping ahead.”

6 May, 2012

The Australian

Link to ‘world’s most advanced computer’.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Scientist helps design tiny supercomputer.”

The Canberra Times

“Device just one atom thick a quantum leap for technology.”

Sky News

“Tiny crystal ‘revolutionises’ computing”

Herald Sun

“Scientists develop ‘most powerful’ quantum simulator”

Fox News

“Tiny crystal may hold key to future of computers”

Popular Science

NIST’s quantum simulator mimics hundreds of qubits interacting

The Huffington Post

“Quantum Computer Breakthrough?”

The Quantum Pontiff



ABC News Breakfast

SBS World News

Lateline, ABC


ABC Radio,

SBS Radio,

6PR, 4BC...

April 26-30, 2012

Australian Parliament

Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade

Testimony on behalf of Universities Australia and the University of Sydney

Defence Trade Controls Bill, 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

Defence red tape to hit research, uni heads say

The Conversation

Bill to stop misuse of dangerous technology could hit uni researchers

21 March, 2012


Sweating the (very) small stuff.

January 12, 2012

The Australian

Tuning into the secret of mining’s holy grail.”

November 12-13, 2011


Michael Biercuk: Force detector

November 12-13, 2011

The Conversation (Commentary)

Hitler’s letter to the father of quantum mechanics.

October 10, 2011

IEEE Spectrum (Commentary)

Practical quantum computers creep closer to reality.”

September 16, 2011

The Australian

Science gets the measure of all that’s tiny.”

September 5, 2011

- and -

Getting the measure of awards.”

September 6, 2011

Lateline Business, ABC Television (Commentary)

Japanese semiconductor holding up supply chains.

June, 2011

M.J. Biercuk, Recipient of the 2011 NMI Prize.

Minister Carr’s media release, Times Higher Education writeup

May, 2011

Big Ideas, ABC Radio, “Cafe Scientific.”

January, 2011

Physics, “Unexpected Error.”

November 13, 2010

The Economist, “The force is weak with this one.”

April 24-30, 2010

Science News, “Measuring the weakest of forces.”

April 29, 2010

Physics Today, News Pick, “Scientists measure atomic nudge

April 19, 2010

Nature News (& Scientific American), “Scientists measure atomic nudge

April 19, 2010, “Scientists record yoctoNewton forces.”

April 14, 2010

ABC Science News (Australia), “Scientists record world’s tiniest nudge.”

April 12, 2010

Slashdot, “YoctoNewton detector smashes force sensing record.”

April 09, 2010

MIT Technology Review, arXiv blog, “YoctoNewton detector smashes force measurement record

April 08, 2010

The University of Sydney, School of Physics, “US Quantum Physicist Joins School of Physics

April 2010

MIT Technology Review, “Extending the life of quantum bits.”

Syndicated, New York Times News Feed

April 2009

Physics Today, Search & Discovery, “Carefully timed radio pulses sustain quantum phase.”

June 2009

EE Times, “NIST nudges quantum computers toward commercial viability

April 2009

Engineer Live, “Suppressing errors in quantum computers.”

June 2009, “Quantum computers: powerful method of suppressing errors developed.”

April 2009

Government Computer News, “NIST demonstrates method for reducing errors in quantum computing.”  May 2009

The New York Times, “Replacing wire with laser, Sun tries to speed up data.”

March 2008

Science, Science’s Compass, “Carbon nanotubes - the route toward applications.”

August 2002

Physics Today, Physics Update, “Nanotubes boost epoxy properties.”

June 2002, “Nanotube laced epoxy: three times harder, far better at conducting heat.

April 2002


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