We are a research group at the University of Sydney focused on the development of quantum control and metrology techniques with an emphasis on applications to major challenges in Energy and Computation. The Quantum Control Laboratory is housed within the new Sydney Nanoscience Hub, and is part of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems.  We also collaborate closely with Q-Ctrl, a quantum technology startup led by Prof Biercuk

Our research uses small collections of trapped atomic ions as model quantum coherent systems.  A combination of experiment and practically focused theory is enabling studies of fundamental questions in quantum physics and the engineering of new quantum-enabled technologies from quantum computation to quantum sensing.

Our experimental tools include laser-cooled Beryllium ions in a Penning trap, Ytterbium ions in a Paul trap, ultra-high-phase-stability microwave oscillators, specialty UV lasers, and a toolkit of novel control protocols.

The Quantum Control Laboratory is part of the broader Quantum Physics Group.

Our collaborators include:

The Quantum Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Sydney, led by Prof. David Reilly.

The Quantum Physics Theory Group at the University of Sydney led by Prof. Stephen Bartlett, Prof. Andrew Doherty & A/Prof Steven Flammia

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems

The Physical Metrology Branch of the National Measurement Institute

The Ion Storage Group within the Time and Frequency Division at the US National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Lorenza Viola’s theory research group at Dartmouth College


The University of Sydney, School of Physics,

Physics Building A28, NSW 2006 Australia

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Banner: Ytterbium ion discharge in a hollow cathode lamp.

Top: Penning Trap in a custom quartz cuvette

Middle: Resonant enhancement of 626 nm laser light in a custom-fabricated bowtie doubling cavity. 

Bottom: Laser-cooled crystals of trapped Ytterbium ions in an RF Paul Trap