Applied and Plasma Physics, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia.

Professor Marcela Bilek

Marcela Bilek
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> Biography Physical Scientist of the Year, 2002
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New materials are urgently needed as coatings in a wide range of industries. Advances in medicine are driving the demand for biocompatible high-performance surfaces for implantable medical devices, such as cardiovascular implants and prosthetic joints, and microarrays for early disease diagnosis. Marcela Bilek has invented methods for manipulating ionised matter (plasma) by means of electric and magnetic fields in order to create uniform, high-performance surface coatings. She has developed techniques of treating materials with high-energy ions and thereby reducing their intrinsic stress and improving adhesion. This is the key to the production of robust, high performance coatings required for demanding applications. These methods are being used in Australia and internationally.

There are many materials and alloys which have not yet been synthesised. Many of these will have properties suitable for applications of the future. Marcela's research group develops novel materials through a combination of experimental synthesis and computational modelling.