My Publications

Below are listed most of my publications, both refereed journals and conference proceedings.  These are generally available for downloading as gzipped postscript files or PDF files.  Alternatively you can look at my list of publications on ADS (listed by date or by citation count) or astro-ph. Papers followed by an asterisk (*) are PDF re-prints from MNRAS, click on the asterisk to see the MNRAS acknowledgement.

NOTE: from the beginning of 2005, I am no longer regularly updating this list of publications. For an up-to-date list of publications please now use the links to ADS and astro-ph listed above.

Refereed Journals

Conference Proceedings etc.

My PhD Thesis

The aim of my thesis research was to use QSOs as cosmological probes, including the measurement of evolution from current (pre 2dF) QSO surveys. I have also looked in detail at the effect of gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters on the background QSO population as well as the environments of QSOs. Its available to be downloaded as gzipped postscript files.

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